Canadian Baseball Network

Our Draft List of top Canadians, the backbone of our website, has been around since 1995 in one form or another. Now, we enter a bold new world with the same mission statement: to promote Canadian baseball from coast to coast.

From Marty Lehn”s Big League Experience camp in Oliver, BC , where Blue Jays’ Brett Lawrie (Langley, BC) first attended camps, to former Los Angeles Dodgers farmhand Frank Humber, of Corner Brook, Newfoundland and Labrador, still involved in his mid 1940s. And of, course the other eight provinces in between.

That is nothing new. What is new is our multimedia approach. Our scoreboard provided by Pointstreak will give you the latest scores, not to mention in-game box live scores, from the BC Premier League to the Western Major League, to the Winnipeg Goldeyes, to the Thunder Bay Bordercats of the Northwoods League to Les Quebec Capitals of the Can-Am League and other places, independent or college summer leagues, where Canadians can be found in cleats.

We have assembled more writers than ever: each one hand-picked. As well as all of our new features, we’ll have all of the old the standards which made this site the must read for Canadian baseball fans and players for the previous 15 years.

Things like:

  • The annual top Canadians eligible for the Major League Baseball draft list.
  • The annual master Canadians in college list, headed for over 700 as usual, while the number of Canadians playing college hockey hovers around 500. (Try that trivia question out next time you walk into a peewee rink).
  • The annual Canadians in the minors list, over 100 in 2010, compared to 55 in 1995.
  • The annual all-Canadian college team.
  • The annual most influential Canadians in baseball top 100.

We have a couple of moments we’d like to share of where this site ranks within the baseball community. Years ago, our draft list was listed on the MLB Canada site and due to complaints from New York it was bumped to another site- roughly Dec.15. It was an argument we lost. On the first work day after New Year’s Day, we received six calls and emails from scouts and agents, all of whom were asking the same question: where the heck is your draft list? Another hey-we-have-arrived moment came last year looking at the Canadians on the Perfect Game website. After name, position, hometown, height, weight, team, college, and comment, there was another narrow column listed with the header CDN and a bunch on numbers underneath: 1, 5, 2, 4, 10, etc. CDN? What on earth could CDN stand for? It was where each player was ranked on the Canadian Baseball Network. Players like Adam Loewen, Jeff Francis, Phillippe Aumont and Justin Morneau did not need help when it came to exposure. Others do and the list achieves that goal.

Welcome to the new and improved Canadian Baseball Network.