BC Legacy Complex set to go to school

by on November 7, 2012


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* The British Columbia Youth Baseball Legacy Complex continues to move along now setting its sights on buying the Glenfir Independent School in Summerland, B.C. ….

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By Robyn Harden

The British Columbia Youth Baseball Legacy Complex has outlined an agreement to purchase the former Glenfir Independent School in Summerland, B.C. for the B.C.Y.B.L.C. Wave Baseball/Softball Academy.

The 40,000 sq ft state of the art educational facility is located on 17 acres in Summerland at the foot of Giants Head Mountain and boasts a natural running trail around the perimeter, multi – purpose court for tennis, basketball, ball hockey, a mountain bike course, 10,000 sq ft gymnasium with a rock climbing wall. The school is within a 10 minute drive to the B.C.Y.B.L.C. 92 acre project.

The owners have maintained the facility and grounds in pristine condition and the facility rounds out an important part of the overall B.C.Y.B.L.C. vision for student athletes to move on to higher learning through sport.  We wanted flexibility in terms of classroom size, scheduling and baseball programming.  Given the modern technology of the school and provided student laptops, even while teams are on the road they can maintain their studies.

The school will be rebranded around the Academy logo as a coeducational College Prep International Baseball/Softball Sport Academy for students in grade 9 through 12, with doors scheduled to open fall 2013.  Offering day and full board programs, students will be assessed academically upon application and course loads designed for each student. Students will complete B.C. graduation requirements for B.C. Dogwood Certificate.

Our international focus is on students entering grade 9. It allows a base year to focus on any special educational needs including ESL to ensure students are prepared entering the 10-12 graduation requirements.

As a potential complement to the Academy, conversation has been initiated with the Summerland Montessori Private School for PK through grade 8 offerings.

Corey Eckstein of Sandlot Baseball Academy and his team including Gautum Srivastava, Ben Quinto and Axel Scott have been retained to consult on all baseball related matters including programming, scheduling, coach and student athlete recruitment and practice fields.  The existing sports field will be converted to a spring training type facility including an outdoor practice fields and practice infield.  Students will move indoors to the proposed Justin Morneau Athletic Centre once weather becomes increment.

The advisory group will arrive in Summerland next week to meet with the B.C.Y.B.L.C. to finalize programming, architects for training design, and school and 92 acre site inspection.

Enrollment to the Academy is limited to 275 with 75 spots currently spoken for.  Should space allow, students seeking a private education without the sport component can make application to the Academy.

The Play Ball B.C. website will provide a temporary home for B.C.Y.B.L.C. information, photo gallery of the facility and updates until the official website is launched January 1st, 2013.  An information contact form for the Academy is now available on the Play Ball B.C. website Baseball Academy page.

Other B.C.Y.B.L.C. News …

Members of the architect and baseball advisory visited Sprung Structures in Aldersyde, Alta., last week to finalize design details for the Justin Morneau Athletic Centre.  “The Sprung corporate facility is beyond the scope of belief:  spacious, bright, exceptionally designed and gave us an opportunity to get a first hand feel for the finished product.”

Our Sprung hosts of Peter Sprung, Jim Avery and David Findlay gave the advisory an outstanding tour of their facility, Edge School in Calgary and the Okotoks Dawgs facility.  We’d like to thank everyone at Sprung and the Okotoks Dawgs organization for a tour of their facility which is considered one of the best in Canada.”

Sport Brand Inc, Calgary Alta. has been working with the B.C.Y.B.L.C. on all Sponsorship opportunities. We’ve had lengthy discussions with Colin Young, Sport Brand President to discuss our vision as we move forward in all matters including sponsorship partners.  Given the magnitude of the proposed project, we knew we needed expert opinion and guidance.

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