Canadians drafted in 1992

by on November 7, 2012

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20 Canadians drafted … in 1992

Round (Over-all) Club Position Name Home Town University/Team
7th (190th) Royals RHP Justin Adam Windsor, Ont. Windsor Selects
9th (237th) Astros 3B Greg Elliott Delta, BC Southeastern Louisiana University
16th (435th) Expos OF Vincent LaChance Charlesbourg, Que. Academy Baseball Canada
21st (580th) Angels OF Aaron Guiel Langley, BC National Baseball Institute
21st (597th) Blue Jays 3B Terry Adams Toronto, Ont. Leaside Lightning

22nd (601st) Astros RHP Dwayne Dawson Windsor, Ont. Cleveland State University
24th (675th) Los Angeles LHP Ryan Duffy Sarnia, Ont. Northeastern Oklahoma A&M Jr. College
24th (679th) Pirates RHP Michael Laplante Valdor, Que. Academy Baseball Canada
25th (698th) Mariners RHP Derek Bieniasz Toronto, Ont. Leaside Lightning
25th (699th) Cardinals 1B Darren Doucette Dartmouth, N.S. Ulster Community College

26th (714th) Indians LHP Mike Neilson Burnaby, BC Willamette University
27th (757th) Padres RHP Jeff Jones Windsor, Ont. Windsor Selects
28th (776th) Angels RHP David Krug Oakville, Ont. Academy Baseball Canada
29th (821st) Blue Jays RHP Derek Brandow London, Ont. Oklahoma State University
34th (946th) Royals RHP James Hodgson Brandon, Man. University of North Dakota

36th (1002nd) Royals RHP Ray Solomon Windsor, Ont. National Baseball Institute
39th (1082nd) Yankees OF Bryan Richardson Windsor, Ont. Windsor Selects
40th (1110th) Yankees RHP Brad Tayles Windsor, Ont. University of Western Michigan
48th (1347th) Dodgers OF Stephen Munroe Thornhill, Ont. Leaside Lightning
49th (1359th) Expos LHP Russell Shiels Maple Ridge, BC Coquitlam Reds

By province: Ontario 12, British Columbia 4, Quebec 2, Manitoba 1, Nova Scotia 1.

By team: 1. Royals 3, 2. Angels 2, 2. Astros 2, 2. Dodgers 2, 2. Expos 2, 2.  Yankees 2, 2. Blue Jays 2.

Cardinals 1, Indians 1, Mariners 1, Padres 1, Pirates 1.

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