Canadians drafted in 1993

by on November 7, 2012

Martin Mainville

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 * RHP Martin Mainville (Montreal, Que.) of the Academie Baseball Canada, shown here with Denis Lévesque and Laurent Boulanger was the first Canadian selected in 1993 ….


31 Canadians drafted … in 1993

Round (Over-all) Club Position Name Home Town University/Team
2nd (55th) Expos RHP Martin Mainville Montreal, Que. Academie Baseball Canada
2nd (65th) Brewers SS Danny Klassen Leamington, Ont. John Carroll School HS, Port St. Lucie, FL
3rd (98th) Blue Jays RHP Joe Young Fort McMurray, Alta. Alberta Selects
10th (276th) Mets LHP Derek Sutton St. Francois, Que. Indian Hills Community College
11th (317th) Twins C Troy Fortin Lundar, Man.

14th (391st) Indians 2B Todd Betts Scarborough, Ont. Northeastern Oklahoma A & M Jr. College
14th (401st) Twins OF Ryan Radmanovich Calgary, Alta. Pepperdine University
15th (423rd) Rangers C Chris Unrat Kirkland, Que. Arkansas State University
17th (490th) Blue Jays RHP Mike Johnson Sherwood Park, Alta. Sherwood Park A’s
20th (587th) Orioles RHP Mike McKinlay Duncan, B.C. Seminole Junior College

30th (567th) Astros RHP Jason Green Port Hope, Ont. Chipolla Jr. College
32nd (866th) Dodgers LHP Jordan Zimmerman Carsland, Alta. Brenham HS Tx.
32nd (906th) Pirates RHP Trevor Skjerpen Saskatoon, Sask. University of North Dakota
34th (948th) Mets OF Ross Ferrier Mississauga, Ont.
36th (1001st) Royals C Jeff Ramos Toronto, Ont. York Pioneers

37th (1026th) Dodgers RHP Richard Shaw Windsor, Ont.
39th (1085th) Royals LHP Derek Dubois Murillo, Ont. Macomb Community College
40th (1114th) Giants RHP Chad Dube Cambridge, Ont. Troy State University
43th (1209th) Expos OF Shawn Painter Beaconsfield, Que.
43th (1212th) Twins SS Robert Landstad Kenora, Sask. Indian Hills Community College

44th (1236th) Expos RHP Jeffrey Mitchell Riverview, N.B. Harvard University
47th (1311th) Twins LHP Spencer McIntyre Calgary, Alta. Texas A & M University
48th (1319th) Dodgers LHP Jeff Falardeau Welland, Ont. Seminole Junior College
48th (1321st) Rockies SS Bradley Molcak Cardston, Alta. Yavapai Community College
50th (1385th) Marlins 1B Mark Creelman Bass River, N.S. Ulster Community College

52th (1422nd) Pirates SS Patrick Gosselin Sherbrooke, Que. Academie Baseball Canada
53th (1429th) Dodgers RHP Victor Sobieraj Windsor, Ont.
65th (1614th) Padres 1B Terry Adams Toronto, Ont. Leaside Lightning
73th (1661st) Marlins OF Brent Yarrow Chemainus, B.C. Clackmass Community College
83rd (1698th) Astros OF Jason Meier Waterloo, Ont. Macomb Community College

86th (1706th) Marlins RHP Stephen Haggard Victoria, B.C. Southern Arkansas University

By province: Ontario 12, Alberta 6, Quebec 5, British Columbia 3, Saskatchewan 2, Manitoba 1, New Brunswick 1, Nova Scotia 1.

By team: 1. Dodgers 4, 2. Twins 4, 2. Marlins 3, 2. Expos 3.
Astros 2, Blue Jays 2, Brewers 2, Mets 2, Pirates 2, Royals 2, Giants 1, Indians 1, Orioles 1, Rangers 1, Rockies 1.

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