Canadians drafted in 1996

by on November 7, 2012


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40 Canadians drafted in … in 1996

Round (Over-all) Club Position Name Home Town University/Team
1A (34th) Red Sox RHP Chris Reitsma Calgary, Alta. Calgary Rockies
3rd   (69th) Blue Jays RHP Yan Lachapelle Gatineau, Que. Academie Baseball Canada
5th  (147th) Mariners RHP Chris Mears Vancouver, BC North Shore Twins
9th  (255th) A’s C Cody McKay Vancouver, BC Arizona State University
15th (428th) Cardinals RHP Greg Heffernan Guelph, Ont. St. Andrews Presbyterian College

21st (629th) Yankees RHP Kyle Brunen Vanscoy, Sask. Saskatchewan Selects
22nd (660th) Reds LHP Kevin Needham Burlington, Ont. Northwestern State University
23rd (669th) Blue Jays OF Bradley Moon Red Deer, Alta. Red Deer Braves
23rd (685th) Angels OF John Margaritis Victoria, BC Treasure Valley Community College
27th (804th) Astros RHP Mike Meyers Tillsonsburg, Ont. Black Hawk Jr. College

28th (829th) Royals LHP Jordy Alexander Burnaby, BC Coquitlam Reds
29th (855th) A’s 3B Monte Davis Vernon, BC Indian Hills Community College
31st (919th) Royals RHP Steve Walsh Orleans, Ont. Ottawa Nationals
31st (924th) Astros RHP Jed Fuller Renfrew, Ont. Ottawa-Nepean Canadians
32nd (938th) Cardinals SS Steve Doherty Richmond, BC Whalley Chiefs

32nd (941st) Tigers LHP John Ogiltree Mississauga, Ont. Ontario Blue Jays
33rd (995th) Diamondbacks RHP Dallas Anderson Lethbridge, Alta. Prairie Baseball Academy
34th (999th) Blue Jays LHP Mark Curtis St. Albert, Alta. Pensacola Jr. College
35th (1030th) Expos LHP Eric Cyr Montreal, Que. Academie Baseball Canada
36th (1058th) Cardinals 2B Stubby Clapp Windsor, Ont. Texas Tech University

40th (1189th) Royals RHP Bill Cornish London, Ont. London Badgers
43rd (1263rd) Twins RHP Clint Bailey Victoria, BC Mid Island Canadians
43rd(1276th) Cubs RHP Cam Newitt Little Britain, Ont. Northwest Shoals Jr. College
44th (1295th) Brewers RHP Mike Dubreuil Montreal, Que. Miami-Dade Comunity College North
44th (1306th) Angels RHP Richard Shaw Windsor, Ont. Marquette University

45th (1330th) Astros SS Bradley Payne Scarborough, Ont. East York/Brantford Red Sox
46th (1341st) Twins 1B Craig Monroe Thornhill, Ont. Leaside Lightning
47th (1367th) Blue Jays LHP Mike Duperron Prescott, Ont. Ottawa Nationals
49th (1429th) Dodgers SS Peter Brinjak Etobicoke, Ont. Etobicoke Rangers
50th (1437th) Blue Jays RHP Joshua Glober Leaside, Ont. Leaside Lightning

53rd (1500th) Brewers LHP Daniel Prata Montreal, Que. Seminole Jr. College
57th (1567th) Dodgers 2B Ryan Anholt Moose Jaw, Sask. National Baseball Institute
58th (1578th) Yankees RHP Trevor Bishop Assiniboia, Sask. Saskatchewan Selects
59th (1588th) Yankees RHP Jay Foster Birch Hills Sask. Saskatchewan Selects
60th (1596th) Dodgers OF Craig Jarvis Victoriia, BC Victoria Mariners

65th (1628th) Dodgers LHP Devin Helps Manitou, Man. Manitoba Selects
67th (1638th) Dodgers C Graig Meritt Pitt Meadows, BC Coquitlam Reds
67th (1639th) Yankees C Graig Hann Fort MacLeod, Alta. Lethbridge Elks
70th (1653rd) Dodgers C Matt Mason Trail, BC Trail American Legion
75th (1676th) Dodgers RHP Paul Sirant Winnipeg, Man Winnipeg South/Manitoba Selects

(1A Sandwich pick)

Total: 40

By province: Ontario 15, British Columbia 10, Alberta 5, Quebec 4, Saskatchewan 4, Manitoba 2.

By team: 1. Dodgers 7, 2. Blue Jays 5, 3. Yankees 4.

Astros 3, Cardinals 3, Royals 3, A’s 2,  Angels 2, Brewers 2, Twins 2, Cubs 1, Diamondbacks 1, Expos 1, Red Sox 1,  Reds 1, Mariners 1, Tigers 1.

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