Canadians drafted in 2003

by on October 10, 2012


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* RHP Brooks McNiven (Vernon, BC) of the University of British Columbia Thunderbirds was the top Canadian selected in the 2003 draft going in the fourth round to the San Francisco Giants ….
48 Canadians drafted in … in 2003

Round (Over-all) Club Position Name Home Town University/Team

4th (123rd) Giants RHP Brooks McNiven Vernon, BC University of British Columbia
4th (127th) Braves 3B Jamie Romak London, Ont. London Badgers/Canadian National Junior Team
5th (154th) Yankees RP Cory Stuart White Rock, BC University of British Columbia
6th (162nd) Royals RP Ryan Braun Kitchener, Ont. University of Nevada Las Vegas
8th (234th) Phillies RHP Matt Linder Thunder Bay, Ont. Thunder Bay Northwest Slam

10th (300th) Angels C Patrick LePage Ste. Catherine, Que. Academie Baseball Canada
10th (301st) Dodgers RHP Phil Sobkow Calder, Sask. Central Missouri State University
11th (327th) Expos LHP A.J. Wideman Mississauga, Ont. Ontario Blue Jays/Canadian National Junior Team
13th (376th) Rangers 3B Emerson Frostad Calgary, Alta. Lewis-Clark State College
15th (434th) Pirates RHP Dustin Molleken Regina, Sask. Prairie Baseball Academy

15th (437th) Rockies RHP Mark Ion Vancouver, BC Lamar University
15th (456th) Diamondbacks RHP Benjamin Krantz Toronto, Ont. University of Pennsylvania
16th (487th) Braves C Cole Armstrong Surrey, BC Chipola Jr. College
22nd (641st) Padres 1B Brandon Kaye Saltspring Island, BC Oklahoma City University
22nd (647th) Rockies LHP Adam Daniels  North Vancouver, BC Eastern Oklahoma State Jr. College

23rd (682nd) White Sox RHP John Hurd Trail, BC College of Southern Idaho
24th (704th) Orioles OF Josh McCurdy Thornhill, Ont. Niagara University
24th (716th) Mariners RHP Kenny Falconer Lethbridge, Alta. University of Kansas
26th (777th) Expos RHP James Henderson Calgary, Alta. Tennessee Wesleyan College
27th (788th) Devil Rays RHP Adam Roos Thunder Bay, Ont. Thunder Bay Northwest Slam

27th (790th) Tigers C Aaron McRae Delta, BC Louisiana State University Shreveport’
27th (810th) Angels LHP Jimmy Durette Matine, Que. Academie Baseball Canada /Canadian National Junior Team
28th (845th) Yankees RHP Scott Kelly Belleville, Ont. St. Louis Community College Forest Park
29th (855th) Pirates RHP Jimmy VanOstrand Richmond, BC Allan Hancock College
29th (867th) Expos RHP Jamie Lehman Brampton, Ont. Ontario Blue Jays

29th (871st) Dodgers OF Adam Parliament Penticton, BC Langley Blaze
31st (914th) Orioles RHP Ryan Brnardic La Salle, Ont. Southeastern State Oklahoma University
32nd (958th) Twins LHP Nicolas Bleau Mercier, Que. Academie Baseball Canada/Canadian National Junior Team
34th (1020th) Angels RHP Jason Blackey Nanaimo, BC Malaspina Community College
36th (1061st) Padres RHP Josh Sawatzky Altona, Man. Manitoba Selects

36th (1076th) Mariners LHP Alex Baboulas Toronto, Ont. Team Ontario
37th (1100th) Blue Jays LHP Aric Van Gaalen Edmonton, Alta. St. Petersburg College
38th (1129th) Mets LHP Simon Gagnon St-Eustache, Que. Academie Baseball Canada
40th (1196th) Mariners RHP Mark Tourangeau Oakville, Ont. Canadian Thunderbirds
40th (1198th) Twins RHP Adam Hawes Victoria Harbour, Ont. Connors State Jr. College

42nd (1257th) Twins OF Mark Zamojc Burlington, Ont. University of British Columbia
43rd (1281st) Marlins RHP Jared Johnson Kelowna, BC Langley Blaze
44th (1315th) Angels RHP John Mariotti Toronto, Ont. Hamilton Astros
45th (1332nd) Mets RHP Jean-Michel Rochon-Salvas Longueuil, Que. Academie Baseball Canada
45th (1343rd) Dodgers C Cass Rhynes Cornwall, PEI PEI Selects/Niagara Rebels

46th (1359th) Mets RHP Joel Thorney Leaside, Ont. Team Ontario
46th (1360th) Blue Jays RHP Paul Marlow Surrey, BC White Rock Tritons
46th (1375th) Braves C Lyall Foran Ladner, BC Vancouver Mounties
48th (1413th) Mets SS Jonathan Malo Laval, Que. Miami-Dade Community College
49th (1429th) Devil Rays C Lars Davis Grand Prairie, Alta. Prarie Baseball Academy

49th (1449th) Angels RHP Evan Bailey Kamloops, BC Langley Blaze/BC Selects/Canadian National Junior Team

By province: Ontario 16, British Columbia 15, Quebec 6, Alberta 5, Saskatchewan 2, Manitoba 1, Prince Edward Island 1.

By team: 1. Angels 5, 2. Mets 4, 3. Braves 3, 3. Dodgers 3, 3. Expos 3, 3. Mariners 3, 3. Twins 3, 3. Yankees 3.
Blue Jays 2, Devil Rays 2, Orioles 2, Padres 2, Pirates 2, Rockies 2, Diamondbacks 1, Giants 1, Marlins 1, Phillies, Rangers 1, Royals 1, Tigers 1, White Sox 1.

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