Canadians drafted in 2004

by on October 10, 2012

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 * C Mike Nickeas (Vancouver, BC) of Georgia Tech University was the top Canadian selected in the 2004 going in the fifth round to the Texas Rangers …. 



38 Canadians drafted in … in 2004

Round (Over-all) Club Position Name Home Town University/Team

5th (141) Rangers C Mike Nickeas Vancouver, BC Georgia Tech University
7th (196) Brewers RHP Craig Langille Bedford, N.S. Dartmouth Juniors
7th (198) Reds LHP Philippe-Alexandre Valiquette  St. Laurent, Que. ABC/Les Ailes Du Quebec/Canadian National Junior Team
7th (213) Mariners OF Sebastien Boucher Ottawa, Ont., Bethune-Cookman University
11th (333) Mariners RHP-3B Mike Saunders Victoria, BC Victoria Mariners/Team BC/Canadian National Junior Team

12th (346) Brewers LHP Andrew Albers North Battleford, Sask. Team Saskatchewan
14th (425) Red Sox LHP R.J. Swindle Vancouver, BC Charleston Southern University
16th (466) Brewers RHP Alexandre Periard St-Eustache, Que. Academie Baseball Canada/Canadian National Junior Team
17th (520) Giants RHP Jordon Thompson Ottawa, Ont. Northeastern University
20th (597) Blue Jays RHP Bobby Scott Victoria, BC Victoria Mariners

21st (614) Mets OF Tim Smith Scarborugh, Ont. Team Ontario/Canadian National Junior Team
24th (714) Expos 3B Steve Hornostaj Waterloo, Ont. Ontario Blue Jays/Canadian National Junior Team
26th (787) A’s RHP Steven Carter Windsor, Ont. Coastal Carolina University
26th (791) Braves OF Adam Parliament Pentiction, BC Langley Blaze
29th (856) Brewers RHP Ryan Patterson Duncan, BC Parksville Royals

30th (892) Pirates 2B Issael Gonzalez Montreal, Que. Academie Baseball Canada/Canadian National Junior Team
31st (941) Braves RHP Jamie Richmond Mississauga, Ont. Mississauga Majors/Canadian Junior Team
32nd (970) Giants RHP Morgan Brinson Langley, BC White Rock Tritons
32nd (971) Braves RHP Clay Caulfield Toronto, Ont. Ontario Blue Jays
34th (1006) Brewers RHP Kris Dabrowiecki Toronto, Ont. Team Ontario/Canadian National Junior Team


34th (1018) Dodgers LHP Chris LeMay Winnipeg, Man. Kwantlen College
34th (1021) Twins 3B Rene Tosoni Port Cotquilam, BC Coquitlam Reds/Canadian National Junior Team
35th (1036) Brewers C Chris Copat Calgary, Alta. Prairie Baseball Academy
35th (1060) Giants RHP Tim Grant Vancouver, BC Dartmouth University
36th (1073) Angels RHP John Mariotti Toronto, Ont. Gulf Coast Community College

36th (1088) Marlins RHP Sebastien Vendette Laval, Que. Academie Baseball Canada/Canadian National Junior Team
42nd (1248) Orioles C Brian Blackburn London, Ont. Kellogg Community College
42nd (1256) Jays LHP Jon Hesketh Langley, BC Langley Blaze/Team BC
43rd (1294) Cubs LHP Adam Daniels North Vancouver, BC Eastern Oklahoma State Jr. College
44th (1299) Padres RHP Omar Kadir Surrey, BC Prairie Baseball Academy

45th (1351) Red Sox OF Adam Campbell Surrey, BC University of British Columbia
46th (1361) Brewers RHP Jamie Metzner Langley, BC Langley Blaze
46th (1382) Marlins RHP Jared Johnson Kelowna, BC Central Arizona College
47th (1386) Padres 3B Sean Cunningham Whitby, Ont. Ontario Blue Jays
48th (1417) Mets LHP Morgan Carlisle Summerside, PEI Team PEI/Team Ontario/Canadian National. Junior Team

49th (1461) Twins LHP Nicolas Bleau Mercier, Que. Gulf Coast Community College
50th (1483) Expos C Joel Collins Richmond Hill, Ont. Team Ontario/Canadian National Junior Team
50th (1486) Blue Jays 1B Jordan Lennerton Langley, BC Langley Blaze/Canadian National Junior Team

By province: British Columbia 17, Ontario 12, Quebec 4, Alberta 1, Nova Scotia 1, PEI 1, Saskatchewan 1, Manitoba 1.

By team: 1. Brewers 7, 2. Blue Jays 3, 2. Braves 3, 2. Giants 3.
Red Sox 2, Expos 2, Marlins 2, Mariners 2, Mets 2, Padres 2, Twins 2, New York Mets 2, A’s Angels 1, Cubs 1, Dodgers 1,  Orioles 1, Reds 1, Pirates 1, Rangers 1.

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