Podcast 16: Tom Cheek: The Voice of Summer

by on June 25, 2013


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Guest: Shirley Cheek

In this episode of the Canadian Baseball Network Podcast we continue our Hall of Fame series with an interview with the late Tom Cheek’s widow, Shirley Cheek. Shirley tells us about how they met and how Tom got started in broadcasting. We discuss Tom’s favourite things, from ballparks to ballpark food, as well as his favourite moments as a broadcaster. Shirley also tells us what Tom was thinking when he made the “Touch em all Joe” call and how it actually came to be. Shirley gives us a detailed and personal account of who Tom Cheek the man was, and what mattered most to him on this special episode of the Canadian Baseball Network Podcast.

Peter Bean
Peter is the Director of Marketing and Fan Engagement for the Canadian Baseball Network. He is also the host of the CBN Podcast. Peter is a lifelong Blue Jays fan as well as a long time fan of Team Canada and international sport.

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