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Elliott: Flames' Jankowski the little centre fielder who grew and grew

The walls of the eighth floor cardio unit at Foothills Hospital are narrow. Especially when you have rehabbing heart patients walking with their pals -- an IV with five wheels on the bottom spinning every which way -- plus beds and a mobile nurse’s station against the wall. It was an easy trip for Calgary Flames centreman Mark Jankowski, all 6-foot-4 and 212 pounds of him, as he stopped by Sunday afternoon to visit with his old baseball coach, Bob Elliott.

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CBN’s Alexis Brudnicki lands plum job with

“She is as talented as she is tenacious. That would be a succinct way to describe Alexis Brudnicki, who has been the Canadian Baseball Network’s most prolific writer over the past eight years. In the modern sportswriting landscape, where churning out copy at lightning speed has become the expectation, I sometimes fear there’s too much emphasis on quantity over quality. With Alexis, we, at CBN, were spoiled, we got both – quality and quantity. In case you haven’t heard, Alexis is moving on from CBN to start a job as a reporter/producer for MLB Advanced Media based in Toronto. And while we’re very proud of her and walking taller around the website’s headquarters in Mississauga and London, we sure will miss her.”

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Pivetta, Thomson, Granderson still find joy in big business baseball

It’s just a game? Hardly. Baseball is a big business, and major league players and coaches put in countless hours of hard work in order to excel under almost unimaginable scrutiny and pressure. So where do they find the joy? While covering spring training in Florida last year, Canadian Baseball Network contributor J.P. Antonacci put that question to Phillies pitcher Nick Pivetta, bench coach Rob Thomson, and then-Blue Jays outfielder Curtis Granderson.

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