Danielle Obal


Danielle’s curiosity for baseball was kick started when she was eight. She would spend time with her grandparents, sit down with a cup of tea and watch the Blue Jays. Although from Toronto, Danielle grew up in a divided house - Blue Jays and Detroit Tigers fans. But, it was listening to her dad’s memories of growing up in Michigan and watching the 1968 Tigers that changed her perspective on baseball. Seeing a grand slam at her first Tigers game in the Motor City felt like a homecoming. Baseball is about family and tradition and at 27 years of age, Danielle still feels the same sense of excitement and comfort she did at eight, when sitting down to watch the Blue Jays or Tigers. Sometimes the cup of tea is swapped for a cold beer.

Danielle is a high honours graduate of Sheridan College’s journalism program, with internship experience as a Digital Content Editor at CTV News in Toronto. You can find Danielle’s work on Bless You Boys and CTVNews.ca. Her main accomplishment was working tirelessly as a writer under Media Impact on whatudontsee.com, a class project dedicated to millennial mental health, that won gold at the Canadian Publishing Awards in 2017. When she’s not writing, you can find her keeping up to date with Wolverines college football or testing her hand at the latest video games. Danielle is enthusiastic about writing for the Canadian Baseball Network, and is excited about the prospect of a future, inspiring as a female voice in baseball.

Twitter: @danyaob

Bob Elliott