Elisabeth Rositsan

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Elisabeth was born in Toronto, Canada and raised in Vilnius, Lithuania. Elisabeth has had a passion for sports since the age of six. Her path in sports started with gymnastics and basketball and quickly elevated to other major sports. Her interest in baseball peaked when she moved back to Canada in 2018. She became a dedicated Toronto Blue Jays fan and started following all their games. She perceives baseball as a therapeutic and mentally engaging sport. Baseball is about teamwork and going out on the field as a family.

She was a member of the Lithuanian National Rhythmic Gymnastics team for seven years and retired from the sport at age 19. Her passion for sports lead her to Ryerson University's Sport Media program where she gained media, radio and writing experience. Throughout her journey in the Sport Media program, she helped broadcast many U-Sport games, edited clips for the CWHL awards, wrote articles for Ryerson’s newspaper, helped coordinate social media for the HotDocs film festival, and co-hosted a radio show Girls Got Game. In addition, she is a writer for a sports website theyear5collective.

Elisabeth is extremely honored and grateful to write and share her work with the Canadian Baseball Network.

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