Tyler King

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Tyler King came to love baseball thanks to his grandmother, who was the most passionate Blue Jays fan he’s ever known. Although the extent of Tyler’s playing career was brief (ending abruptly when he became the first kid to ever strike-out in T-Ball) his devotion to the Blue Jays continues to grow. When he moved to Toronto in 2007 from nearby Stouffville, Ontario, the Skydome/Rogers Centre became his second home. He also works as a research assistant for national best selling author Jacqueline Park (The Secret Book of Grazia Dei Rossi).

Tyler’s inherent love for all things Canada led him to join the Canadian Army Reserves in 2009. He later decided to resume his studies at Ryerson University and began writing after graduating with a degree in Criminal Justice. His articles outlining the systemic issues of the Canadian legal system have been published internationally, however he always knew that his passion laid elsewhere. After partaking in some serious soul searching Tyler finally found that passion... sitting in a familiar seat in section 108 of the Rogers Centre (Alexander Keiths in hand). The Blue Jays fan column - titled “Section 108” homage to the notoriously rowdy fans who ‘serenade’ the opposing bullpen - will serve as a voice for all those who share Tyler’s unfettered enthusiasm.

Ryan Isaac