Chicco Nacion

Chicco Nacion is currently a senior writer with the digital team at CBC Sports. From a young age, sports has been his passion. Growing up, he listened to Jerry Howarth call Jays games and Bob Cole on Hockey Night in Canada. His life revolved around the sporting world then and continues to do so today. As an undergrad at the University of Western Ontario, Chicco began to feed that appetite for sports by blogging and doing play-by-play commentary for Mustangs sports on the campus radio station. It wasn't long before he realized that his true calling was in sports writing. Chicco wanted the honour of sharing the stories of others with the rest of the world and is privileged for the opportunity to do so. As an eight-year-old, Chicco won a contest in the Toronto Sun to meet and ask Vince Carter one question. He asked, "How do you feel being compared to Michael Jordan?" Carter replied, "Every day I step on the court, I try to create my own legend." Those words are something he's carried with him every day as Chicco hopes each story he tells leaves a lasting impression.