Ontario Blue Jays

Who are the Ontario Blue Jays?

The Ontario Blue Jays are an amateur baseball program designed to develop youth baseball players. In addition to development, the Ontario Blue Jays help supplement college/ university placement for all of their graduating players (high school graduates) in the United States. The Ontario Blue Jays also create an environment which continues to lead both our graduating and former players to professional baseball careers. 

What league do the Ontario Blue Jays play in? 

The Ontario Blue Jays play their provincial baseball in the Canadian Premier Baseball League. This league has teams across Ontario ranging from Toronto to London.

The league is considered to be the best in Ontario and possibly the country. The league season typically begins in the last week of April and continues until the end of June. The reason for the seasons early completion is to allow the teams of our league to travel the United States. 

Where do the Ontario Blue Jays travel in the summer months? 

The Ontario Blue Jays travel across the United States playing in highly recognized tournaments throughout the summer months. On average the Ontario Blue Jays will compete in 4 tournaments over the course of July and early August. This coming summer, our various teams will be traveling to such places as: Memphis, TN, Pensacola, FL, Fort Myers, FL; Atlanta, GA, Troy, NY and Waterbury, CT. 

How do our players travel to tournaments in the United States? 

Since all of our summer tournaments are frequently located several hours outside of Toronto; the Ontario Blue Jays travel exclusively on Coach Canada buses. All of our buses are equipped with TVs, DVD players and have iPod connection capabilities. Also, our 18 & Under team travels on a different Coach Canada bus which has expanded features including satellite television, wireless internet, and power outlets. This not only allows the team to travel comfortably but with the ability to do school work wirelessly, without the worry of an electronic device running out of battery power.

Where do the Ontario Blue Jays train and practice during the Winter months?

The Ontario Blue Jays have what is widely considered Canada's pre-eminent indoor baseball facility. Located in North Mississauga, "The Clubhouse" gives us the ability to complete all strength training, baseball specific training and conditioning all in one location. Once becoming a member of the Ontario Blue Jays, this facility becomes yours. The Clubhouse operates on regular hours and is available to players whenever they may need. 

What makes the Ontario Blue Jays the best team in Canada?

Without a doubt, the Ontario Blue Jays schedule is what sets them apart from other Canadian amateur teams. Our 18 & Under team completes a Fall Schedule which has them playing games exclusively against NCAA and NJCAA teams. You may ask how this is possible. The Ontario Blue Jays have worked long and hard to obtain an "International Status" which allows them to compete against the United States top collegiate programs. In the Fall of 2012 alone, the Ontario Blue Jays competed against two teams who attended the NCAA Division 1 College World Series in 2012: Kent State University and Florida State University, as well as four teams who played in the NCAA Division 1 Regionals last year: University of Virginia, Missouri State University, Indiana State University and Purdue University. At the conclusion of our Fall Schedule, our team participates in the prestigious WWBA World Championships in Jupiter, Florida. 

How to become an Ontario Blue Jay?

Becoming an Ontario Blue Jay can happen in various ways. Whether it's being seen by one of our many coaches, attending one of our camps or contacting our Recruitment Coordinator to schedule a try out. Contact Us by filling out the form below.

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