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Bob Elliott 08/06/2013 16:22 What in the name of Ryan Borucki is going on? OK before we get to an explanation, who the heck is Borucki. Well, last year in the first go round of the of the draft signing bonus (set slots for each team for picks in the first 10 rounds), the most a team could offer anyone selected in the 11th round or later was $100,000. Yet, the Jays gave Borucki a Mundelein, Ill. high schooler a $426,000 US signing bonus. A year ago the Jays took a number of tough signs with their first seven picks and then drafted college seniors paying them any where from $5,000 to $1,000. As a National League scouting director once told a senior after a $2,000 offer "Either take it or go flip burgers at McDonalds". The player signed. The Jays went $326,00 over on Bouruki (1-0, 3.00 in six innings at the rookie-class Gulf Coast Jays last year) leading to roughly $300,000 over their budget and a $88,000 tax. Since the Jays drafted only one senior on Day II, heading into Day III, some players come be into a pay day ... a lot more than the $100,000 minimum. This is different than a year ago when the Jays selected Whitby lefty Ryan Kellogg in the 12th round. Word around ball parks was that Kellogg was asking for $600,000 to pass up his scholarship. Don't fret for Kellogg, who made one relief appearance, jumped into the Arizona State Sun Devils rotation and went 11-0 before losing 1-0. He'll be eligible to be drafted in 2015. And if he keeps this pace up he'll go a lot higher than the 12th round. More than the Blue Jays are second guessing their decision on Kellogg last year. * * *
Bob Elliott 08/06/2013 16:22 Now, could any money be available.
Bob Elliott 08/06/2013 16:26 "This is a different year for some reason -- at least for the guys we drafted,” said one scouting director. "Guys who wanted $500,000 before the draft now will take $250,000 after not going in the first two days. Some guys who were asking for seven figures two months ago have cut that in half."The thing is when it comes down to it the guys we drafted would rather sign than go to school. I'm not saying we'll be able to sign everyone, but we should have some money left over to spend on guys from the 11th round on ... we'll see. Obviously we're doing to try to sign the Day I and Day II guys first.”
Bob Elliott 08/06/2013 16:27 Tyler O'Neill, Brett Lawrie look-a-like is the top HS player in Canada selected ... carrying on a Langley Blaze tradition www.canadianbaseballnetwork.com
Bob Elliott 08/06/2013 17:32 13th round 3B Lachlan Fontaine to the Mariners
Bob Elliott 08/06/2013 17:51 7 Canucks and counting ... www.canadianbaseballnetwork.com
Bob Elliott 08/06/2013 17:52 And you figured that the Mariners and the Nationals would be leading the way ... with the Blue Jays and the Brewers pitching shut outs right?
Bob Elliott 08/06/2013 18:12 ASHLEY MARSHALL -- Lennerton carries on a Langley tradition winning spot on all-May team milbprospective.wordpress.com
Bob Elliott 08/06/2013 18:30 Sorry we had some technical difficulties ....
Bob Elliott 08/06/2013 18:30 Back now
Bob Elliott 08/06/2013 18:31 Have you see this page? Plenty of vids of pitchers and hitters, thanks to Mr. (Peter) Bean www.youtube.com
Bob Elliott 08/06/2013 18:32 18th 3B-OF Adam Nelubowich, Stony Plain, Alta. Washington State University to the Astros
Bob Elliott 08/06/2013 18:40 MARY CATON -- Cooper, Janisse top Windsor prospects for draft blogs.windsorstar.com
Bob Elliott 08/06/2013 18:42 ANDY PREST -- Fontaine takes aim at pro ball Fontaine takes aim at pro ball www.nsnews.com
Bob Elliott 08/06/2013 18:43 STEVE O'NEILL -- Busy time prior to the draft for Langley Blaze slugger Tyler O'Neill www.theprovince.com
Bob Elliott 08/06/2013 18:47 JUSTIN BEDDELL -- Lachlan Fontaine, a young man with a future www.northshoreoutlook.com
Bob Elliott 08/06/2013 18:49 INF Daniel Pinero (Toronto, Ont.), Mississauga Majors grad, Ontario Blue Jays goes to Astros in 20th
Bob Elliott 08/06/2013 18:51 Perfect Game rated 9 Canucks in the top 500 ... there were 7.
Bob Elliott 08/06/2013 18:51 Now the total is 10
Bob Elliott 08/06/2013 18:52 Now in 20th round
Bob Elliott 08/06/2013 19:03 21st -- C Mike Reeves (Peterborough, Ont.) Florida Gulf Coast drafted by the Jays
Bob Elliott 08/06/2013 19:22 22nd -- (656th) RHP Daniel Procopio (Toronto, Ont.), who has pitched for the Toronto Mets/Windsor Selects/Marucci Elite is drafted by Claude Pelletier, the man who signed by Cy Young award winner Eric Gagne, goes to the New York Mets
Bob Elliott 08/06/2013 19:22 20th -- C Morgan Loftstrom (Kelowna, BC) goes to the Reds and area scout Bill Byckowski
Bob Elliott 08/06/2013 19:23 18th -- RHP Sean Ratcliffe, Ajax, Ont., Ontario Blue Jays/Canadian Junior National Team goes to the Blue Jays and hard-working area scout Jamie Lehman ... THE BLUE JAYS ARE ON THE BOARD!
Bob Elliott 08/06/2013 19:23 Happy 18th to Tyler Milton, who is off to North Lake College this fall
Bob Elliott 08/06/2013 19:23 12th RHP Andrew Cooper (Windsor, Ont.) of the ball-playing Coopers from Windsor goes to the Nationals
Bob Elliott 08/06/2013 20:05 Collymore, Pinero strutt stuff at Showcase 
Bob Elliott 08/06/2013 20:06 Archives: Pinero a big'un at little guy's position 
Bob Elliott 08/06/2013 20:06 Blue Jays fans can read about Sean Ratcliff, the Jays only Canadian selection so far on the CBN draft list: 
Bob Elliott 08/06/2013 20:07 Archive on Morgan Loftstrom: DH split sees Morgan, Handley, Noble, Lofstrom impress
Bob Elliott 08/06/2013 20:07 More Pinero, from 2012: Pinero plates winner, Seifrit saves late win over USA Selects 
Bob Elliott 08/06/2013 20:07 Archives: Loftsrom - Thibeadeau, O'Neill, Schulz, Orimoloye, Lofstrom 2 hits each 
Bob Elliott 08/06/2013 20:07 More on Procopio from 2012: Weston makes all-tourney team, Procopio pops 
Bob Elliott 08/06/2013 20:08 Player Profiles, Articles; Mike Reeves Canadian and Blue Jays draftee
Bob Elliott 08/06/2013 20:08 Archives: O'Neill and Procopio: O'Neill, Naylor, Procopio, Manuel show well for Canucks 
Bob Elliott 08/06/2013 20:29 14th Canadian drafted is Owen Spiwak. Drafted 776th overall in the 26th round by the New York Mets.
Bob Elliott 08/06/2013 20:30 15th CDN drafted, #3 on CBN draft list is Cal Quantrill. 794th overall in 26th round by the New York Yankees
Bob Elliott 08/06/2013 20:30 Sorry for the delay
Big cuts no fly 08/06/2013 20:40 I'm guessing Quantrill has drawn a hard line in the sand and will not forego a Stanford education. Remember Brad Drew?
Bob Elliott 08/06/2013 20:40 Think Drew turned down $300,000 for Stanford
Bob Elliott 08/06/2013 21:04 ALLAN SIMPSON -- CAL QUANTRILL, rhp, Trinity College HS, Port Hope, Ontario.Paul Quantrill worked in 841 games in a 14-year, big-league career from 1992-2005, three times leading major-league pitchers in appearances. He has subsequently managed to teach his son Cal, the top pitching prospect in Canada, most of the finer points of pitching most-recently as his pitching coach with the Ontario Terriers and the younger Quantrill, not surprisingly, ranks as one of the most-polished high-school arms in this year's draft class. As primarily a command/control pitcher as recently as last fall, Quantrill appeared earmarked to fulfill his college-scholarship commitment to Stanford. But he has made major strides in the development of his raw stuff this spring and his stock for the draft has climbed appreciably, to possibly the second or third rounds. Quantrill's fastball, mostly in the upper-80s last fall, has been a steady 90-94 mph, touching 96 on occasion. He's also added a slider to give him the potential for two above-average breaking balls. His changeup also holds considerable promise. With his slender, athletic frame, and quick, clean arm action, the 6-foot-3, 170-pound Quantrill still has plenty of room for physical growth, and could conceivably throw in the mid-90s consistently one day, much like his father once did. He also has the same fierce, aggressive demeanor on the mound, and is a superior athlete who fields his position exceptionally well. In addition to the tutelage he has received from his father, Quantrill has gotten plenty of time and exposure with Canada's junior-national team, and helped that squad to a silver medal at last year's World junior 18-and-under championship, though he was just 16 at the time. Though an exceptional student, Quantrill appears more signable than most Stanford recruits (especially as his draft stock rises), and would appear a likely target for the hometown Toronto Blue Jays, especially after that team hired his father as a consultant in February. Scouts who frequent Canada say Quantrill is much farther along this year than lefthander Ryan Kellogg, the best prep arm in Canada in 2012. The Blue Jays didn't take Kellogg until the 12th-round a year ago.
Bob Elliott 08/06/2013 21:06 ALLAN SIMPSON, Perfect game -- DANIEL PINERO, ss/3b, Western Tech Institute, Toronto.Besides being an over-sized 6-foot-6 shortstop, Pinero has an intriguing background as his father Reinaldo is a former member of the Cuban national baseball team while his mother Elena is Russian. Pinero, 19, also has the distinction of being eligible for the draft a year ago as an Ontario high-school senior, though went undrafted. He sat out the fall semester and re-enrolled this spring at a Toronto tech school, making him eligible again. Ontario high-school regulations allow students the option of moving on to an additional year of high school (grade 13), or returning to grade 12 to improve their grades for college. Not only has Pinero earned a college scholarship to Virginia in the last year, but he has accelerated his pace as a baseball prospect sufficiently enough to warrant being taken in the top 10-12 rounds this year. With his long, leveraged, projectable frame, Pinero can put on an impressive show of power in batting practice, though his swing will still often break down in games. He also has been clocked at 6.7-6.8 seconds in the 60, much faster times than those he recorded as recently as two years ago. He also shows loose glove actions at shortstop with near-average arm strength in the field. When teaming with Malik Collymore in the middle infield for the Ontario Blue Jays over the last year, Pinero generally has played shortstop while the quicker, more-athletic Collymore has been stationed at second. Inevitably, though, Pinero will end up at third base in the long run.
Bob Elliott 08/06/2013 21:08 ALLAN SIMPSON, Perfect Game -- ADAM NELUBOWICH, 3b/of, Washington State University (Stoney Plain, Alta.).Nelubowich, a 14th-round pick of the Seattle Mariners in 2009 out of an Alberta high school, is one of those players who seems to thrive in summer-league competition, but struggles to put best foot forward in college. He missed his freshman season at Washington State because of shoulder surgery, and played sparingly as a red-shirt freshman in 2011. But he led the West Coast League in homers and RBIs in a breakout summer-league season. He also performed admirably in the Cape Cod League last summer, both at the plate (.288-4-20, league-high 14 2B) and in the field, after a disappointing college season (.254-4-36). This spring, as a fourth-year junior at WSU, he again fell short of expectations by hitting a pedestrian .299-3-34. When on his game, Nelubowich has a loose, easy lefthanded swing with good raw power to the pull side. His greatest improvement last summer on the Cape came defensively, when he displayed better lateral range and an ability to come in on balls, combined with a strong, accurate arm. But those gains were largely negated this spring at WSU as he spent most of the season in the outfield, and his stock for this year’s draft may have dipped a bit in the process.
Bob Elliott 08/06/2013 21:10 ALLAN SIMPSON, Perfect Game -- MIKE REEVES, c, Florida Gulf Coast University (Peterborough, Ontario).Drafted by the Toronto Blue Jays in the 42nd round in 2009, the 6-foot-1, 200-pound Reeves passed up an offer to sign at the time for an opportunity to play in college at Florida Gulf Coast, and started all four years behind the plate for the Eagles. He hit .330-1-27 as a senior, and though he does a fine job of controlling the strike zone with a 30-25 walk-to-strikeout ratio and excels at handling the bat with a club-high 20 sacrifice bunts (fifth nationally), his raw power potential never evolved as hoped. He went deep only five times in his college career. But Reeves did develop into a quality defender, with sound catching skills and solid-average arm strength. As a college senior, he could become a coveted target in the top 10 rounds for any number of clubs, including the Blue Jays, who might be looking for a budget-saving pick with the intent of re-distributing discretionary funds to other draft picks elsewhere in the early rounds.
Bob Elliott 08/06/2013 21:11 ALLAN SIMPSON, Perfect Game -- DANIEL PROCOPIO, rhp, Central Technical HS, Toronto. Procopio gained a measure of notoriety earlier this spring with Canada's junior-national team on its barnstorming trip to Florida when his fastball was clocked at 94 mph; the highest-recorded velocity by a Canadian high-school pitcher in six years, or since 2007 first-rounder Phillippe Aumont (Mariners) and supplemental first-rounder Kyle Lotzkar (Reds) achieved that mark. Righthander Cal Quantrill, another potential high-rounder, has since exceeded that figure. Procopio isn't in that kind of select company as a draft pick, though, and may actually be a longshot to crack even the top 10 rounds as his 5-foot-10 frame doesn't hold water with scouts. Furthermore, the little righthander's velocity typically falls off quickly, often into the high-80s. He'll also flash an average breaking ball that is generally effective against both righthanded and lefthanded hitters, though has limited feel for a changeup. Despite his smaller size, Procopio has impressive arm speed, and isn't afraid to challenge hitters with only his fastball.
Bob Elliott 08/06/2013 21:11 ALLAN SIMPSON, Perfect Game -- SEAN RATCLIFFE, rhp/c, Pickering HS, Ajax, Ontario.The 6-foot-4, 200-pound Ratcliffe has been likened by long-time Canadian scouts to Chris Leroux, who was drafted in the ninth round in 2002 as a lefthanded-hitting catcher out of an Ontario high school and emerged three years later out of South Carolina's Winthrop University as a power righthander. Leroux spent the better part of the last three years in the Pittsburgh Pirates bullpen, before venturing off to play in Japan this season. Ratcliffe flashed impressive raw power as a catching prospect through his junior year of high school, but it rarely translated to games, and scouts already see a higher upside on the mound with a fastball at 90-93 mph and the makings of a power breaking ball. It may be a roll of the dice for a team to draft Ratcliffe in the top 10-12 rounds this year as he has a minimum number of innings as a pitcher on his resume, but he has an easy arm action and may pitch consistently in the mid-90s one day. He is also considered extremely signable as he has little or no interest in attending college.
Bob Elliott 08/06/2013 21:12 ALLAN SIMPSON, Perfect Game -- LACHLAN FONTAINE, 3b, Sutherland HS, North Vancouver, B.C.With impressive raw offensive ability, including a smooth stroke, consistent hard contact and occasional pull power from the left side, along with sound side-to-side actions defensively and plenty of arm strength at the hot corner, the 6-foot-2, 210-pound Fontaine profiled as a solid candidate for the top 10 rounds in this years draft as recently as last fall. But his stock appears to have taken a hit this spring as Fontaine struggled to swing the bat effectively in a number of high-profile performances for Canadas junior-national team in Arizona and Florida, often showing a long, loopy stroke. Despite an apparent dip in his draft status, Fontaine is still considered very signable as his college commitment is only to a junior college (Central Arizona).
Bob Elliott 08/06/2013 21:13 ALLAN SIMPSON, Perfect Game -- MORGAN LOFSTROM, c, Mt. Boucherie HS, West Kelowna, B.C.Lofstrom has intriguing upside with his emerging skills as a lefthanded-hitting catcher. Relatively new to the position defensively, he already shows good feel for the fundamentals of catching, and possesses solid-average arm strength. He gained valuable experience this spring while with the Langley Blaze on the team's extensive tour of Arizona spring-training sites in March, and later with Canada's junior national team on its annual trek to the Dominican Republic. He just needs to get stronger to drive balls more consistently, and could emerge as a legitimate prospect for the draft if he elects to play a year or two at San Jacinto (Texas) CC.
Bob Elliott 08/06/2013 21:14 ALLAN SIMPSON, Perfect Game -- ANDREW COOPER, rhp, Sierra (Calif.) JC (Belle River, Ontario).Cooper sat out the 2012 season at Sierra College while on academic probation, but rebounded this spring as a sophomore to go 13-3, 2.65 era tying him for the lead in wins among California junior-college pitchers. In 99 innings, he walked 30 and struck out 56. An athletic righthander in a 6-foot, 190-pound frame, Cooper works mostly off his 90-93 mph fastball, and induces a lot of ground-ball outs with the excellent sinking action he generates on the pitch. Cooper, a nephew of Chicago Black Hawks coach Joel Quenneville, played alongside his brother Rob Cooper at Sierra in 2011. Both brothers won only a game apiece that year, but Rob went on to sign with the Philadelphia Phillies as a non-drafted free agent, though was released before throwing a game in the Phillies system.
Bob Elliott 08/06/2013 21:14 ALLAN SIMPSON, Perfect Game -- OWEN SPIWAK, c, Cawrha Park SS, Mississauga, Ontario.Spiwak has the classic look of a big-league catcher in his athletic 6-foot-2, 190-pound frame, and also has a track record of success in international competition with Canada's junior-national team. But scouts say Spiwak's game has leveled off, and even regressed over the past year or two, and he has become mostly an afterthought in this year's draft in the eyes of many. He'll still show flashes of raw power in a smooth, fluid, lefthanded stroke, and easy catch-and-throw skills, but his game has been rocked by wild bouts of inconsistency with increasing frequency; when one part of his game breaks down, everything tends to deteriorate. Spiwak recently signed with Florida International, and the college route now appears to be his appropriate course of action in the short term as he attempts to jump-start a once-promising career.
Bob Elliott 08/06/2013 21:16 Johnny Palumbo was just drafted? Oh sorry it was Joseph Palumbo.
Bob Elliott 08/06/2013 21:18 RHP Dylan Brooks (Dorchester, Ont.) of the Ontario Nationals goes to the World Series cham-PEEN San Francisco Giants in the 30th round
Bob Elliott 08/06/2013 21:57 INF Charles Leblanc (Laval, Que.) Academy Baseball Canada/Ohio Warhawks goes to the Milwaukee Brewers and scout Jay Lapp who signed John Axford in the 33rd round
Bob Elliott 08/06/2013 22:42 Julien Service, Northeast Texas Community College, goes to the Twins in the 37th
Bob Elliott 08/06/2013 22:58 RHP Kostuk, Kurtis goes to the Arizona Diamondbacks, selected by scout Doug Mathieson, in the 38th round.
Bob Elliott 08/06/2013 23:21 INF Chris Thibideau to the San Diego Padres in the 40th, drafted by Murry Zuk of Souris, Man.
Bob Elliott 08/06/2013 23:23 That's all for know ... have to write on Rob Zastryzny, top Canadian ... tune in later to the Canadian Baseball Network for final, final results as we go over the draft list a final time. Thanks for being here and only 365 days (give or take until the 2014 draft when at the moment OF Gareth Morgan is projected to go in the first round www.canadianbaseballnetwork.com