CBN Honour Roll


Alexis Brudnicki

Alexis originally hails form London, Ontario, where her first job was as an umpire for rookie ballers in the Eager Beaver Baseball League, where she also got her start playing. Her first job in the industry was with the Toronto Blue Jays, working as a statistician and scoreboard operator while also in sports journalism graduate school at Centennial College after completing her undergrad at Western. She then interned at Baseball America, where she continued contributing for years. Along the way, she also did work for Baseball Canada, FanGraphs, The Hardball Times (where she won a SABR award in 2016), as well as the Canadian Baseball Network. She also worked for the Australian Baseball League and graduated from Major League Baseball’s scout school, before joining the Great Lake Canadians elite amateur program as Director of Baseball Information. Now, she is a reporter/producer for Major League Baseball Advanced Media based in Toronto, and will graduate from the Professional Master of Education program through Queen’s, with a focus in assessment and evaluation. 

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Nick Ashbourne

After attending McGill University and Centennial College, Nick became an associate editor with Sportsnet and wrote for the Canadian Cycling Magazine. In May of 2015 he became the site editor and lead writer for the Canadian Baseball Network, until he joined Yahoo Canada Sports as the MLB Editor.

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Melissa Couto

A history buff especially when it came to former President of the United States Lyndon Baines Johnson Melissa wrote for the Canadian Baseball Network from 2012 to 2015, writing about Daniel Norris and his van a year before everyone else. Now Melissa is a sports reporter-editor at The Canadian Press and has been since June of 2013, working for new sports editor Mike (Walt) Koreen.   


Mike Cormack

Now an executive at Sportsnet, Michael wrote about the Canadian Baseball Network Player of the Year honours in 2010-12, while working for Rogers Communications. He was a web producer from 2006 to 2011 editing and publishing content. Since then he has risen quicker than Vladimir Guerrero as an MLB editor; managing editor, for Sportsnet Digital; senior producer, Multi-Platform NHL and managing editor, Sportsnet Digital. 

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Shi Davidi

Away back in 2010-11 when Shi was in his final two years writing for The Canadian Press he’d write a column for the Canadian Baseball Network. His words were read more than anyone working for the four Toronto papers because his game stories appeared in newspapers coast to coast. In 2011 he was hired to write for Sportsnet and is also an integral part of the TV broadcasts.

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Todd Devlin

After attending McMaster University and the University of Western Ontario, Todd became associate editor for the Canadian Baseball Network in 2013-2014. Now you can read him regularly in newspapers and websites like Metro News, Yahoo Health, the Londoner, Western Alumni Gazette, St. Thomas-Times Journal, Victoria News, and

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April Whitzman

After attending Mount Saint Vincent and Mount Allison universities, April wrote for the Canadian Baseball Network on minor leaguers in 2011-12 and won the right to be a MLB Fan Cave Dweller in New York in 2013. April was a finalist in Manhattan before joining the Toronto Blue Jays as a digital marketing manager late in the 2016 season. 


Melissa Verge

Our first writer from Titusville, NB wrote her first piece for the Canadian Baseball Network in 2013 -- about being cut from the women’s team. Melissa attended Ryerson University and in the summer of 2018 did an excellent job for the Brandon Sun covering a deadly tornado, which hit Alonsa, Manitoba.

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Liam McGuire

After attending St.Thomas University, Liam wrote for the Canadian Baseball Network. Now, he writes for VICE Media, Awful Announcing as well as being the video editor for both The Comeback and Vault Comics.

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Chris Toman

One half of the keyboard brotherly duo, Chris wrote about the likes of John Axford, minor leaguer Tim Smith and the Mizuno camp which brought together the best from across Canada at the Rogers Centre. He moved on to write for Since 2015 he has been the sports editor at VICE Sports Canada.

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Alykhan Ravjiani 

After graduating Wilfrid Laurier University and Centennial College, Alykhan was one of the first to write on the Blue Jays No. 1 pick Jeff Hoffman, selected ninth over-all in 2014. Alykhan worked for the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Toronto Raptors communications department, before joining the Toronto Blue Jays. He wrote for and is now the social media in-game coordinator for the Toronto Blue Jays.


Chicco Nacion

Chicco Nacion is currently a senior writer with the digital team at CBC Sports. From a young age, sports has been his passion. Growing up, he listened to Jerry Howarth call Jays games and Bob Cole on Hockey Night in Canada. His life revolved around the sporting world then and continues to do so today. As an undergrad at the University of Western Ontario, Chicco began to feed that appetite for sports by blogging and doing play-by-play commentary for Mustangs sports on the campus radio station. It wasn't long before he realized that his true calling was in sports writing. Chicco wanted the honour of sharing the stories of others with the rest of the world and is privileged for the opportunity to do so. As an eight-year-old, Chicco won a contest in the Toronto Sun to meet and ask Vince Carter one question. He asked, "How do you feel being compared to Michael Jordan?" Carter replied, "Every day I step on the court, I try to create my own legend." Those words are something he's carried with him every day as Chicco hopes each story he tells leaves a lasting impression.