Ontario Blue Jays - Platinum Sponsor of CBN

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By Peter Bean 

The Canadian Baseball Network is pleased to announce the Ontario Blue Jays have signed on as a Platinum sponsor for 2013/2014.

With the support of The Ontario Blue Jays the Canadian Baseball Network plans to increase and expand upon our coverage.

Our thanks go to Dan Bleiwas,  Sean Travers and the Ontario Blue Jays for their support of our initiatives!

Please read the full  press release below:

For Immediate Release: 


Sept. 19, 2013 – Mississauga, Ont.: The Ontario Blue Jays are pleased to announce their “Platinum” sponsorship of the Canadian Baseball Network (www.canadianbaseballnetwork.com). The sponsorship is effective immediately and will give the Ontario Blue Jays increased visibility on the Canadian Baseball Network’s home page as well as their highly-viewed “Draft” page plus other pages on the website.

The Canadian Baseball Network over the past few years has become the pre-eminent source of information for all things related to Canadian baseball. From their ever present rankings of Canadian players for future Major League drafts to timely feature stories on all levels of baseball, the Canadian Baseball Network attracts fans of all levels of interest as well as players, coaches and others involved in the industry.

Ontario Blue Jays Head Coach and director of baseball operations Dan Bleiwas offered this on the sponsorship: “The synergy between the Canadian Baseball Network and the Ontario Blue Jays is quite apparent and strong. We feel this partnership will not only benefit our organization by increasing our visibility within the baseball community but will also to prove to be highly beneficial to youth players outside our organization by making our programs and instruction more accessible.” Bleiwas also adds “the Ontario Blue Jays have always been strong supporters of the Canadian Baseball Network and Bob Elliott (Toronto Sun sportswriter and Canadian Baseball Network founder). What Bob has done for the baseball community in Canada is immeasurable. He has helped grow the sport at all levels and specifically has helped our players and organization through his coverage of the Ontario Blue Jays over the years. We are proud to associate with the Canadian Baseball Network and Bob.”

The Ontario Blue Jays are the 2013 American Amateur Baseball Congress (A.A.B.C.) Mickey Mantle World Series champions, the first Canadian team to win a A.A.B.C. World Series by beating California in August in McKinney, Tex. In addition, the Ontario Blue Jays captured the 18 & Under B.E.S.T. National championship in Pensacola, Fla. in July and are the Premier Baseball League of Ontario Champions at the 18 & Under level each year since the league’s inception (2003-2013 inclusive).

In addition to the success of the team as a whole, the Ontario Blue Jays have earned the right to be considered Canada’s best team – as selected by the Canadian Baseball Network in both 2011 and 2012. This is based in large part on the achievements of their individual players, having placed 19 different players on Canada’s Junior National Team in the 2012-13 season in addition to 13 players selected in the last two drafts by Major League teams and having placed over 400 players in college on scholarships in the United States.

The Ontario Blue Jays expect their strong tradition of player success to continue in 2014 with OF Gareth Morgan (Toronto) ranking number 1 on the Canadian Baseball Network’s 2014 draft list and 1B Josh Naylor (Mississauga) as the top high school  player in Canada on the 2015 draft list.

The Ontario Blue Jays track record of developing the province’s top players will be prominently displayed this week (September 20 – 24) at the Rogers Centre as 44 members of the Ontario Blue Jays were selected by the Toronto Blue Jays to participate in their inaugural Tournament 12  showcase featuring the nation’s top players. The event is expected to attract scouts from many Major League organizations as well as coaches from several top U.S. colleges and universities.

For more information on the Ontario Blue Jays please contact Director of Baseball Operations Dan Bleiwas at (416) 606-4771 or by email at dbleiwas@ontariobluejays.com or Director of Player Development Sean Travers at (416) 871-3957 or by email at stravers@ontariobluejays.com