What they are saying about the Shapiro hiring

By: Bob Elliott

Canadian Baseball Network

Reaction to Mark Shapiro being named the next Blue Jays president at the conclusion of this season:

“He’s a very smart, very straight-shooting, respectful, hard-working professional. And though he could have made a full career as a general manager, his intellect and intellectual curiosity propelled him to seek more interest in things beyond simply the composition of the 25 man club. That said, there will never be another Paul Beeston.” _ Stan Kasten, president, Los Angeles Dodgers.

“Mark Shapiro is a very competent executive. I think he and Alex Anthopoulos will work well together.” _ Hall of Famer Pat Gillick, president Philadelphia Phillies.  

“He is a very knowledgeable person in all areas of operations and in addition a quality person. A great hire for the Blue Jays.” _ Dave Dombrowski, president, Boston Red Sox.

“If you have ever wondered if there’s any validity to the old saying ‘the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree,’ you have to look no further than the Shapiro family. Father Ron and son Mark are two of the brightest and classiest people I have ever known. If there’s a better guy out there to replace The Beest, I have no idea who it might be.  The Jays employees and fans will soon find out how fortunate they are to have Mark steering their ship.” _ Bill Stoneman, interim general manager, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.

“He’s a good, solid human being and good, solid baseball man. It is an excellent hire.” _ Terry Ryan, general manager, Minnesota Twins.

“Everything he impacts is for the better. He’s a pretty unique guy. I mean he is borderline brilliant with great people skills. At number of times at our organizational meetings you can look up and see a bunch of coaches preparing to get bored. Mark is speaking ... and next thing you know they are picking up their pencils and taking notes.” _ Terry Francona, manager, Cleveland Indians.

“Mark has a unique and well-rounded skill set that has allowed him to evolve into an incredible baseball executive. His career continues to ascend, and for good reason.  He’s got a lot of tools in his tool box.” _ Brian Cashman, general manager, New York Yankees.

“We work in a production business, maybe they can blame payroll but last time I looked the Cleveland Indians have not won a World Series since 1948.” _ Major-league executive. 

And who is Alex?: Excerpt from the Rogers Communication press release announcing Mark Shapiro as their next president at season’s end.

Who is Alex? Bullpen coach Alex Andreopoulos? Former Jay Alex Gonzalez? Alex Rios? Alex Sanchez? The other Alex Gonzalez who played shortstop? 

Who is Alex?

“I have known Mark for many years.  He is an exemplary executive and his passion for baseball and winning is remarkable,” said Beeston.  “I am happy to pass him the baton - but not just yet; Alex, the team, and I have a little more work to do and we’re focused on putting more Ws in the win column.” -- From the official Rogers Communications press release. The only mention of current GM Alex Anthopoulos in the 476-word press release. 

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