Book by former Expo Don Bosch features analytical philosophies

The cover of former Montreal Expo Don Bosch's new book.

The cover of former Montreal Expo Don Bosch's new book.

By Danny Gallagher

Canadian Baseball Network

Don Bosch decided not to mention baseball or the Montreal Expos in his eye-opening book.

A Second Journey Through Life is Bosch's perception of the ups and downs that he has faced through much of the time he has spent on earth.

"In writing this book, I refrained from writing about two things: religious thoughts or any thoughts about my baseball career,'' Bosch told me. "Baseball was left behind for various reasons. The book is about who I am as a person and my philosophies.''

Through insightful, analytical poems and prose, the 1969 Expos outfielder tells us not to complicate things in our lives. As he looks back, he wonders why he did this and why he did that.

"It was a learning process,'' Bosch said. "My philosophy is to be positive, keep it simple and appreciate the simple things. The main thing is that we have to be fairly strong, responsible to the human race and be positive and loving. That's somewhat ignored in our society.''

Chapters include Who's My Friend? An Awakening, A Peaceful Dream, Time Will Heal, What Is Humility? and Thoughts for Meditation. Although some of Bosch's penned thoughts may appear to be negative, he says they are meant only to serve as perspective and gives us opportunity to learn from our mistakes and the mistakes of others.

Bosch advises us to listen to everyone who has something to say. He says we should rid ourselves of anger, resentment and discontent and replace them with patience and understanding. He says to accept people for who they are and don't try to change them for who you want them to be.

"As we journey through life, change is at times hard to accept but as the inevitable happens, there is no choice,'' he writes in his 100-page book. "Fortune is a wealth of self-satisfaction and not the size of one's bank account. Sometimes when we try to be smarter than we really are, we look more foolish than we want to be.''

Bosch, 75, played parts of four seasons in the majors, including a 49-game Expos stint which ended July 9, 1969 when he was sidelined by knee problems. He never played a major-league game again. He lays claim to this trivia item: he scored the first run in the first major-league game played in Canada.

Bosch went on to work in a family run concrete business for decades. Ironically, he began taking down notes for the book 50 years ago around the time he played with the Expos. He said "emotional events'' prompted him to write the book.

"All of us, despite our backgrounds, have experienced the positive and the negative throughout our journey,'' Bosch wrote in a summary of his book. "I have been very fortunate to have navigated through the muddy waters that can affect us in a negative way and move on to the clear blue waters of the future by staying on a positive course. I had good parents, a decent education, and mentors that gave freely and willingly of their time.

"Along the way I was able to travel, experience different cultures, meet people from all walks of life, and understand the importance of simplicity in life. It is my hope that this publication will be of some benefit to the reader in terms of a more positive, productive, and joyful future.''

You can order Bosch's book A Second Journey Through Life at for $12 U.S. plus shipping costs.