Cavan Biggio’s family bonds go beyond Hall of Fame father

By: Mike Alessandrini

By: Mike Alessandrini

By: Mike Alessandrini

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DUNEDIN, Fla. – Cavan Biggio understands that his baseball career will forever be linked to his father, former MLB legend Craig Biggio. 

It takes a village to raise a child, though, or rather a future Major League infielder. 

It’s easy to attribute the Toronto Blue Jays prospect’s success to his father, but Biggio credits his mother and brother just as much.

“We are very close as a family and it was great last offseason when I lived at home for the first time since high school,” Cavan Biggio said at his first spring training. “My brother was there, too, so we were all at home. It was pretty special. I owe my family everything.”  

According to Biggio, attending the university of Notre Dame was paramount to developing his game. After being drafted by the Philadelphia Phillies in the 29th round in 2013 - he was unsigned and was later drafted by Toronto in the fifth round in 2016 - the second baseman faced an important decision.  

Enter Patty Biggio, Cavan’s mother.

“The decision (to attend university) was more from my mother,” Biggio said. “She is really passionate about academics. After my senior season I had the opportunity to play professionally but my mom was very keen on me continuing school. She’s always right and I always trust her.” 

The Houston native’s decision to attend Notre Dame came easier than choosing whether or not to pursue both an education and baseball. After all, Cavan’s brother, Conor, had played for the Irish since 2012. 

“Honestly, I probably wouldn’t have gone to Notre Dame if it wasn’t for my brother,” Cavan said. “He was at school with me so it worked out well because I was really able to grow as a person and be ready for the next stage of my life.” 

Biggio turned in an outstanding 2016 season at the plate in his junior campaign with the Irish. He posted a .311 average with 61 hits, four home runs, 28 runs batted in and 14 stolen bases (in 14 attempts) in 43 games. 

If he climbs his way to the Major Leagues, be careful not give all the credit to his father. His mother and brother may have something to say about that.

So might Cavan. 

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