CBN's top hits getter in 2018: Toronto


Each January we look at the cities which gained the top hits in the past year on the Canadian Baseball Network.

The first three remain unchanged, however there is lots of movement further down.

1. Toronto

2. Mississauga

3. Vancouver

4. Montreal

5. Calgary

6. Ottawa

7. Edmonton

8. London

9. Surrey BC

10. Oakville

The next 10: Burlington, Ont., Saskatoon, Brampton, Ont., Boardman, Ore., Kitchener, Ont., Victoria, BC, Mountain View, Calif., Burnaby BC, Winnipeg.

The next 10: Cambridge, Ont., Windsor, Ont., Guelph, Ont., Scarborough, Halifax NS, Richmond Hill, Ont., Regina, Sask., Hamilton, Ont., Barrie, Ont., Laval, Que.

The next 10: Oshawa, Ont., Milton, Ont., Langley, BC, North Vancouver, BC, Ajax, Ont., Waterloo, Ont., Québec, Que., Dartmouth NS, Whitby, Ont., Nanaimo, BC

The next 10: Markham, Ont., Thornhill, Ont., Etobicoke, Kelowna, BC, Maple Ridge, BC, Saint John, NB, Abbotsford, BC, Fredericton NB, New York, NY, Orangeville, Ont. Lethbridge, Alta.

And the final three: Okotoks, Clearwater, Fla. and Kingston, Ont. -- Canada’s first capital.

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