Gallagher: Stroman 'blocks out' others from his world


By Danny Gallagher

Canadian Baseball Network

I found out today that I am not the only reporter blocked on Twitter by Marcus Stroman.

As I read a column by the astute Toronto Star columnist Rich Griffin, somebody I have known since 1988 when I became an Expos beat writer, I discovered that he, too has been blocked on Twitter by Stroman.

The shenanigans regarding Stroman relates to his disregard for the media and what the media says about him. His act has grown weary. It really has. The Blue Jays public relations department goes along with his edict that he will only talk to the media, what, after any of his starts, which is about every five days. In between starts, he's off limits.

What Stroman needs is a professional life coach to deal with the media. He needs help in the worst way. He has hate and wrath toward too many people, who most often have only offered constructive criticism, as Griffin noted today. But Stroman apparently doesn't want to take constructive criticism.

In a tirade over the weekend, Stroman was heard muttering that the Jays were "effing terrible'' after the microphones were turned off. It might be time for the Jays to consider trading this child by the July 31 deadline.

I'm sure president Mark Shapiro and general manager Ross Atkins are looking at trading him, especially now that he's healthy after a long stint on the DL. The Jays could probably get a top prospect in return for Stroman, who when he's on, can be awfully tough on opposing batters. 

Except for most of this season, Stroman has been mostly superb during his Jays' career. His attitude toward the media has been far from superb. Sad. Who is he trying to emulate, Barry Bonds?

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