JON HIGGINS: Moseby created memories

Not that Lloyd Mosebv was fast -- 280 career stolen bases -- but here he is running out from his helmet for the Blue Jays. 

Not that Lloyd Mosebv was fast -- 280 career stolen bases -- but here he is running out from his helmet for the Blue Jays. 

‘The Shaker’ Creates A Joyful Memory

By Jon Higgins
For the Canadian Baseball Network

Lloyd Moseby did not set any baseball records nor is he in Cooperstown, but the centre fielder has forever changed the game for Toronto Blue Jays fans both on and off the field.

I have been a Lloyd Moseby fan for as long as I can remember. I loved going to Jays games, sitting in the stands, eating a hotdog, and cheering for number fifteen, A.K.A. ‘The Shaker.’ When I was about eight years old, I bought a book that contained the mailing addresses of a number of ball players. By far the most important address was that of ‘The Shaker’.

I wrote a letter about how big of a fan I was. I quickly grabbed a dozen of my favorite Lloyd Moseby cards and put them in a binder. I then bought some American stamps and headed to the mailbox. 

A couple of months went by and nothing. So my dad phoned the Blue Jays’ head office and was told not to be too optimistic. Just to demonstrate how much of a hurdle I faced. The representative noted the fact that Fred ‘The Crime Dog’ McGriff had over 30 unopened bags full of mail.

Upon hearing this, I wasn’t really that concerned because I knew that my favorite player would come through. The big day finally arrived, I opened the mailbox and there it was. Inside the package were all 12 neatly signed baseball cards. ‘The Shaker’ not only signed them all with a marker, but he waited for the ink to dry before placing them back into the binder. On top of that he added an additional signed baseball card to the package.

I wanted to travel to Toronto to thank him personally, but, unfortunately, that winter he signed with The Detroit Tigers. So I travelled south of the border to see my hero in action. During batting practice my dad slipped the grounds keeper a note that briefly explained my situation. Moments later, by the dugout, I was having a conversation with the one and only LLOYD MOSEBY.
Not long after a crowd started to form, so the centre fielder retreated down below. Seconds later, I saw a baseball roll down the dugout towards me. After I grabbed it, I returned to my seat and watched the game. 

A lot of baseball insiders describe Lloyd Moseby as a good all-around player. Thanks to the joyful memory that he created, 

I would describe him as an all-around nice guy.