Kush beats Louisiana in finale of New Balance Series


By Mike Ashmore
New Balance Future Stars Series


The Ontario Blue Jays defeated Team Louisiana 6-1, to win the 2018 Program 15 New Balance Future Stars Series 2020 Grad Class Tournament in Cypress, Tex..

Sean Travers’ team capped off an undefeated week with a win, including a semi-final victory over Primetime Black earlier in the day, finishing up 6-0 and cementing their status as the best team in Texas.

“It’s great,” Travers said. “A lot of our higher ranked guys, I think everybody knows about, but I think this tournament was all about the entire team. All 16 guys contributed, especially the pitchers.”

Ryan Kush turned in a superb effort in the title game, allowing one run over a complete game win.

“That’s Ryan Kush, he’s going to go right at you,” Travers said. “He’s probably 5-foot-6, and he’s really like 6-foot-5. He fears nothing, and he’s fun to watch.”


Kush was one of several players who stood out over the week, including Dasan Brown and a much-improved Jaden Brown, who homered earlier in the week and showed great improvement since attending Program 15 events last year.

“It was great,” Brown said of the event. “Everybody competed well, but the best team won.”

SandlotsCBN Staff