Pompey sees Miami as a perfect fit, so do the Marlins

The Miami Marlins gave Tristan Pompey (Mississauga, Ont.) a $645,000 signing bonnus. 

The Miami Marlins gave Tristan Pompey (Mississauga, Ont.) a $645,000 signing bonnus. 

Tristan Pompey believes Miami is a ‘perfect fit for me’

By Cole Shelton
Canadian Baseball Network

Entering the 2018 draft many believed Kentucky outfielder Tristan Pompey was going to be selected around the second round. However, that was not the case as Pompey slipped to the third round and was drafted by the Miami Marlins. 

“I don’t know, that stuff just happens in the draft,” said Pompey about why he thinks he slipped to the third round. “I’m not worried about it, because it is what you do after the draft that matters.”

Ultimately even though Pompey slipped, being drafted by the Marlins is a dream come true. 

“It was pretty cool,” added Pompey of the draft process. “I got the call a couple of minutes before I heard my name and when I found out I was going to Miami, it was pretty exciting. Miami obviously is a fun city, and it is a team that is rebuilding and it was a perfect fit for me to go.”

After being selected, the next step is to sign and then begin his pro career. Pompey expects signing to be a relatively painless process.

“Probably really easy,” said Pompey of how easy he thinks it will be for him to sign. “I want to play professional baseball so I am going to sign and not go back to school.”

This season Pompey hit .335 with 20 doubles, seven homers and 39 RBIs as a junior. He had an 1.005 OPS in 50 games -- third UK player to have an OPS over 1.000 -- while going 10-for-13 stealing bases. Slot money for being drafted 89th over-all in North Ameriica is $642,000.

Not going to school is the exact opposite of what happened when he was drafted out of high school as Pompey elected to go to Kentucky and had success there for three seasons which helped raise his draft stock. While playing at Kentucky and in the SEC, Pompey not only raised his draft stock but also became more mature and learned how to hit better pitchers and become a stronger fielder. 

“Obviously, I think I am far more prepared because I played in the SEC and some people compare playing in the SEC to high-A or double-A,” added Pompey on how much more prepared he feels to be a pro compared to when he first got drafted. “All the guys I know that got drafted high out of the SEC always made the major leagues fairly quickly because it is the most ready college level you can get to besides the major leagues.” 

Getting to the big leagues quickly is what Pompey desires. Before he reaches the big leagues, however, Pompey will first need to work his way up the minor leagues. As for where he thinks he is going to start his pro career, Pompey is willing to start anywhere they think he should go. 

“It depends wherever they want me,” said Pompey. “I don’t care where I go as long as I am playing professional baseball and work my way up the ladder.” 

Working his way up the ladder is what he is hoping to accomplish in the minor leagues but once he signs he hopes to accomplish one other thing in his first year and that is to: “Just to get a good understanding of pro ball, to see where I stand with the other guys,” added Pompey. “Then work my way up to majors because that is the end goal.”

Even though Pompey was drafted quite high, the young Canadian knows he has to still to perform in the minor leagues to have any shot to reach the majors. For now, Pompey is enjoying time at home with his family and friends while he waits to sign his first pro contract and get his pro career started.