Marysburg Royals to celebrate 100th anniversary

 The Marysburg Royals baseball club are celebrating their 100th anniversary this summer.

The Marysburg Royals baseball club are celebrating their 100th anniversary this summer.

By Andrew Hendriks

Canadian Baseball Network

Marysburg, Sask., is a small prairie hamlet known for its agriculture, a double steepled Romanesque Revival church and, despite being home to only a handful of families, a rich history of organized baseball.

Borrowing talent from nearby communities such as Muenster, Lake Lenore and Humboldt, the Marysburg Royals have fielded a competitive men's baseball team every year since 1918 ... or 1906, depending on who you ask.

According to a team release, 240 different players have worn a Royals Jersey since the club was initially established so many years ago. For many of those players, suiting up in Marysburg blue has become nothing short of a family tradition.

“We have had a team every year since 1918, and there has been at least one Strueby on every single one of those teams,” said current Royals infielder Curtis Strueby in a 2014 interview with the CBN. "I truly believe that family ties and close-knit family friends play a huge role in this team's success,”

In 2018, eight members of the squads roster are fourth generation Royals.

“We have literally all grown up together,” added Strueby. “Some of us may be different in age, but we have known each other for our whole lives. The chemistry and fun we have playing on this team is remarkable.”

Regardless of the lingering debate surrounding its inaugural campaign, the team itself is officially using 1918 as a starting point. As such, they are observing their centennial season this summer.

To help celebrate, the Royals are set to host a number of unique events including baseball camps, an "old timers slo pitch game" and a reunion scheduled for July 13-15.

The club encourages all members of the community with ties to the organization either as a fan, umpire, player or otherwise to attend the reunion.

More information can be found on the team's 100 Year Reunion Facebook page, linked below:

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