Pardinho favored to sign with the Blue Jays

Big days on the calendar include:

Saturday, July 1: Canada’s 150th birthday.

Sunday July 2: The first day to sign international free agents 16 years of age of older.

And Your Toronto Blue Jays are 1/2 faves to sign Eric Pardinho, 16, whose pitches were clocked at 95 MPH during the World Baseball Classic qualifier in the fall of 2016..

At 5-foot-10, 165-pounds, he struck out 12 batters at the 16U Pan-American Championship against the Dominican Republic and in the win.

The Blue Jays had success in Brazil before landing RHP Jose Pett in 1992 for a signing bonus of $700,000 more than OF Shawn Green ($580,000)m 1B John Olerud ($575,000) and OF Shannon Stewart ($450,000).

Both the Atlanta Braves and the Jays offered the same amount. However, due to an existing US-Brazil tax-at-source treaty which did not exist in Canada, so therefore the Jays offer was more.  

These odds may be of interest. They are courtesy of Bodog.
Who will have more HRs in the 2017 Regular Season?
Aaron Judge 1/2
Cody Bellinger 3/2
Who will break Mark McGwire’s 1987 Rookie Regular Season HR record of 49?
Aaron Judge Only 5/2
Cody Bellinger Only 5/1
Both Aaron Judge and Cody Bellinger 10/1
Neither Aaron Judge or Cody Bellinger 1/2
Tim Tebow - Will he make a double-A plate appearance in 2017?
Yes +400 (4/1)
No -600 (1/6)
Tim Tebow - Will he make an triple-A plate appearance in 2017?
Yes +1000 (10/1)
No -2500 (1/25)
Tim Tebow - Will he make a MLB plate appearance in 2017?
Yes +1500 (15/1)
No -5000 (1/50)
What will be the size of the contract Eric Pardinho will sign with an MLB team?
Over 1.5 million -200 (1/2)
Under 1.5 million +150 (3/2)
Which MLB team will Eric Pardinho sign for?
Toronto Blue Jays 1/2
Arizona Diamondbacks 10/1
Cincinnati Reds 10/1
New York Mets 10/1
Seattle Mariners 10/1
Tampa Bay Rays 10/1
New York Yankees 14/1
Any Other Team 7/1