Paxton on pace to set Canadian record for most 10-strikeout games in season

James Paxton (Ladner, B.C.) recorded his seventh start with at least 10 strikeouts this season on Sunday. Photo Credit: USA Today Sports

James Paxton (Ladner, B.C.) recorded his seventh start with at least 10 strikeouts this season on Sunday. Photo Credit: USA Today Sports

By Neil Munro

Canadian Baseball Network

With his eight-inning, 11-strikeout performance for the Seattle Mariners on Canada Day, James Paxton (Ladner, B.C.) is getting closer to setting the Canadian record for most 10-strikeout games in a season.

When Paxton fanned 11 on Sunday,  it brought his 2018 season total to seven games with 10+ strikeouts. This ties him with Chatham, Ont., native Fergie Jenkins (who accomplished this three times) and Navan, Ont,., native Eric Bedard (who did this in 2007) for second place on the season-best Canadian list.

Jenkins’ established the season-record when he whiffed 10 or more batters in nine games in 1970. Since it's just past the mid-point of the 2018 campaign, Paxton is almost sure to break Jenkins' season record with room to spare.

Here's an up-to-date list of the best Canadian single game strikeout performances:

1James Paxton2018Seattle AL5/21617L (2 - 3)Oakland
2Erik Bedard2007Baltimore AL7/71509W (3 - 0)Texas
2The Only Nolan1884Wilmington UA8/271518L (1 - 7)Boston
4Ferguson Jenkins1970Chicago NL6/271408L (0 - 1)Pittsburgh
4Ferguson Jenkins1971Chicago NL7/241409W (2 - 1)Philadelphia
4Ferguson Jenkins1971Chicago NL9/191419W (6 - 3)Philadelphia
7Nick Pivetta2018Philadelphia6/181317.1W (6 - 5)St. Louis
7Mike Kilkenny1969Detroit AL9/171359W (5 - 0)Cleveland
7Ferguson Jenkins1968Chicago NL7/271329W (2 - 1)Los Angeles
7Ferguson Jenkins1980Texas AL7/151318L (1 - 2)Chicago
11Bill Mountjoy1884Cincinnati AA6/291209W (16 - 0)Washington
11John Hiller1977Detroit AL6/141239W (7 - 2)Toronto
11Ferguson Jenkins1967Chicago NL5/301249W (12 - 5)Atlanta
11Ferguson Jenkins1968Chicago NL4/111209W (10 - 3)Cincinnati
11Ferguson Jenkins1968Chicago NL7/191259W (6 - 2)Los Angeles
11Ferguson Jenkins1968Chicago NL8/131239W (10 - 3)St. Louis
11Ferguson Jenkins1969Chicago NL8/41219W (9 - 3)Houston
11Ferguson Jenkins1970Chicago NL6/91228W (7 - 3)San Diego
11Ferguson Jenkins1970Chicago NL9/23(1)1228L (1 - 2)St. Louis
11Ferguson Jenkins1971Chicago NL5/51229W (5 - 4)New York
11Ferguson Jenkins1971Chicago NL5/101209W (3 - 0)Philadelphia
11Kirk McKaskill1986California AL4/221259W (5 - 1)Oakland
11Kirk McKaskill1986California AL7/2312410W (3 - 2)Milwaukee
11Erik Bedard2005Baltimore AL5/41228W (5 - 1)Toronto
11Erik Bedard2006Baltimore AL6/211208W (4 - 0)Florida NL
11Erik Bedard2007Baltimore AL5/201237L (3 - 4)Washington NL
11Ryan Dempster2008Chicago NL5/151218.1W (4 - 0)San Diego NL

Here's a list of Canadians who have had 10 or more strikeout games in the majors and how many times they accomplished that feat:

Russ Ford (5 times)                  

Erik Bedard (16 times)          

Reggie Cleveland (1 time)       

Rheal Cormier (2 times)

Ryan Dempster (16 times)       

Rich Harden (12 times)          

John Hiller (2 times)                 

Ferguson Jenkins (48 times)

Mike Kilkenny (3 times)          

Kirk McCaskill (6 times)        

Steve Wilson (2 times)             

Oscar Judd (1 time)

Joe Krakauskas (1 time)           

Bob Steele (2 times)               

Jeff Francis (1 time)                 

Bill Mountjoy (2 times)

Bob Emslie (4 times)  

Scott Richmond (2 times)      

The Only Nolan (3 times)        

James Paxton (10 times)           

Nick Pivetta (5 times)