Quantrill, five others join top 200 Canucks all-time list

RHP Cal Quantrill (Port Hope, Ont.) was the third highest Canadian ever selected. Photo: Alexis Brudnicki.

RHP Cal Quantrill (Port Hope, Ont.) was the third highest Canadian ever selected. Photo: Alexis Brudnicki.

Canadians chosen in the top 200 over-all picks In North America, in order.   
Year    Round (Overall)    Team    Position    Name    Hometown    School/Team

2010 1st (2nd) Pirates RHP Jameson Taillon The Woodlands, Tx., The Woodlands HS
2002 1st (4th) Orioles LHP Adam Loewen Surrey, BC Whalley Chiefs/Canadian National Junior Team/Chipola College
2016 1st (8th) Padres RHP Cal Quantrill Port Hope, Ont. Stanford University
2002 1st (9th) Rockies LHP Jeff Francis North Delta, BC University of British Columbia
2007 1st (11th) Mariners RHP Phillippe Aumont Gatineau, Que. Academie Baseball Canada/Canadian National Junior Team

2015 1st (12th) Marlins 1st 1B Josh Naylor, Mississauga, Ont., Ontario Blue Jays/Canadian Jr National Team
2008 1st (16th) Brewers C-INF Brett Lawrie Langley, B.C. Langley Blaze/Candian National Junior Team
1988 1st (19th) Expos RHP Dave Wainhouse Scarborough, Ont. Washington State University
2010 1st (22nd) Rangers C Kellin Deglan Langley Blaze/Canadian National Junior Team
1997 1st (27th) Padres SS Kevin Nicholson Surrey, BC Stetson College

2015 1st (28th) Braves RHP Mike Soroka, Calgary, Alta. PBF Redbirds/Canadian Junior National Team
2000 1st (30th) Braves INF Scott Thorman Cambridge, Ont. Team Ontario/Canadian National Junior Team
1996 1A (34th) Red Sox RHP Chris Reitsma Calgary, Alta. Calgary Rockies
1997 1A (36th) Orioles OF Ntema Ndungidi Montreal, Que. Academie Baseball Canada
2009 1A (37th) Blue Jays LHP James Paxton Ladner, BC University of Kentucky

2013 2nd (41st) Cubs LHP Rob Zastryzny Edmonton, Alta. University of Missouri
1997 1A (43rd) White Sox RHP Aaron Myette Surrey, BC Central Arizona College
2002 2nd (44th) Reds C Joey Votto Etobicoke, Ont. Etobicoke Rangers
2016 2nd (52nd) Diamondbacks C Andrew Yerzy Toronto, Ont. Toronto Mets
2007 1A (53rd) Reds RHP Kyle Lotzkar Tsawwassen, BC Langley Blaze/Canadian National Junior Team

1993 2nd (55th) Expos RHP Martin Mainville Montreal, Que. Academie Baseball Canada
2007 1A (56th) Blue Jays RHP Trystan Magnuson Vancouver, BC University of Louisville
2015 2nd (57th) Yankees LHP Jeff Degano, Surrey, BC Indiana State
2002 2nd (61st) Twins RHP Jesse Crain Toronto, Ont. University of Houston
1993 2nd (65th) Brewers SS Danny Klassen Leamington, Ont. John Carroll School HS, Port St. Lucie, FL

1995 3rd (66th) Texas RHP Ryan Dempster Gibsons, B.C. North Shore Twins
2009 2nd (68th) Blue Jays LHP Jake Eliopoulos Newmarket, Ont., Brantford Red Sox/Canadian National Junior Team
1996 3rd (69th) Blue Jays RHP Yan Lachapelle Gatineau, Que. Academie Baseball Canada
2014 2nd (74th) Mariners OF Gareth Morgan, North York, Ont., Ontario Blue Jays/Canadian Jr. National Team
1997 3rd (79th) Indians RHP Robbie Vael Surrey, BC Eastern Utah College

1985 4th (83rd) Rangers LHP Steve Wilson Victoria, BC University of Portland
2013 3rd (85th) Mariners RF Tyler O’Neill Maple Ridge, BC Langley Blaze/Canadian Junior National Team
1999 3rd (89th) Twins C Justin Morneau New Westminister, BC North Delta Blue Jays
2005 3rd (90th) Tigers C Chris Robinson Dorchester, Ont. University of Illinois
2005 3rd (94th) Indians 1B Nick Weglarz Stevensville, Ont. Team Ontario/Canadian National Junior Team

1993 3rd (98th) Blue Jays RHP Joe Young Fort McMurray, Alta.
2007 3rd (102nd) Rockies C Lars Davis Grande Prairie, Alta. University of Illinois
2001 3rd (105th) Braves OF Adam Stern Port Stanley, Ont. University of Nebraska
2007 4th (106th) Royals RHP Mitch Hodge Vancouver, BC White Rock Tritons/Canadian National Junior Team
2010 3rd (113th) Blue Jays OF Marcus Knecht, North York, Ont., Connors State College

2006 4th (113rd) Dodgers 1B Kyle Orr Victoria, BC Victoria Mariners
2002 4th (113th) Marlins RHP Josh Johnsnon, Jenks HS, Tulsa, OK
2015 4th (115th) Reds CF Miles Gordon, Oakville, Ont., Great Lake Canadians/Canadian Jr. National Team
2016 4th (119th) Diamondbacks RHP Curtis Taylor, Port Coquitlam, BC, University of British Columbia
2015 4th (121st) Brewers OF Demi Orimoloye, Orleans, Ont., Ottawa-Nepean Canadians/Canadian Jr. National Team

2003 4th (123rd) Giants RHP Brooks McNiven Vernon, BC University of British Columbia
2010 4th (124th) Padres INF Chris Bisson Orleans, Ont. University of Kentucky
2003 4th (127th) Braves 3B Jamie Romak London, Ont. London Badgers/Canadian National Junior Team
1995 5th (127th) Cardinals 3B Cody McKay Vancouver, BC Arizona State University
2016 4th (129th) Rangers INF Charles Leblanc, Laval, Que., University of Pittsburgh

2010 4th (132nd) Mariners LHP James Paxton Ladner, BC Grand Prairie, IND-American Association
1988 5th (135th) Tigers RHP Mike Lumley London, Ont. Eastern Michigan University
2013 4th (136th) Nationals RHP Nic Pivetta Victoria, BC New Mexico Jr. College
2011 4th (139th) Jays RHP Tom Robson Ladner, BC Langley Blaze/Canadian Junior National Team
2004 5th (141st) Rangers C Mike Nickeas Vancouver, BC Georgia Tech University

1998 5th (141st) Blue Jays SS Lee Delfino Pickering, Ont. Team Ontario
2015 5th (143rd) Cubs LHP Ryan Kellogg, Arizona State
1996 5th (147th) Mariners RHP Chris Mears Vancouver, BC North Shore Twins
2001 5th (148th) Brewers RHP Judd Richardson Caledon, Ont. University of Miami Ohio
1997 5th (151st) Royals LHP Jason Gooding Cambridge, Ont. Texas Tech University

2005 5th (152nd) Reds RHP James Avery Moose Jaw, Sask. Niagara University
1994 6th (153rd) Angels RHP Jason Dickson Chatham, N.B. Northeastern Oklahoma A&M Jr. College
2016 5th (153rd) Twins RHP Jordan Balazovic, Mississauga, Ont., Ontario Blue Jays/Canadian Junior National Team
2003 5th (154th) Yankees RP Cory Stuart White Rock, BC University of British Columbia
2016 5th (157th) Astros 3B Abraham Toro-Hernandez, Greenfield Park, Que., Seminole State College 

1988 6th (158th) Cardinals LHP Rheal Cormier Cap Pele, N.B. Community College of Rhode Island
2001 5th (159th) Mariners 2B John Cole Kanata, Ont. University of Nebraska
2013 5th (159th) Orioles LHP Travis Seabrooke, Peterborough, Ont. Ontario Terriers/Canadian Junior National Team
2001 5th (160th) Dodgers RHP Steve Nelson Cole Harbour, N.S. Dartmouth Mooseheads
1995 6th (160th) Blue Jays C Blaine Fortin Lundar, Man

2003 6th (162nd) Royals RP Ryan Braun Kitchener, Ont. University of Nevada Las Vegas
1989 6th (163rd) Red Sox RHP Paul Quantrill, Port Hope, Ont., University of Wisconsin
1999 5th (164th) Dodgers LHP Phil Devey Lachute, Que. University of Southwestern Louisiana
2000 6th (165th) Expos RHP Shawn Hill Georgetown, Ont. Etobicoke Rangers
2014 6th (166th) Astros RHP Brock Dykxhoorn Goderich, Ont. Central Arizona College

2009 5th (170th) Cubs SS Wes Darvil Langley, B.C. Langley Blaze/Canadian National Junior Team
1985 7th (180th) Padres RHP Matt Maysey Hamilton, Ont. Hastings High School, Houston, TX
2001 6th (181st) Jays SS Lee Delfino Pickering, Ont. East Carolina University
1999 6th (189th) Orioles LHP Erik Bedard Navan, Ont. Norwalk Community Technical College
1992 7th (190th) Royals RHP Justin Adam Windsor, Ont. Windsor Selects

2005 6th (192nd) Giants RHP Brad Cuthbertson Edmonton, Alta. Prairie Baseball Academy
2004 7th (196th) Brewers RHP Craig Langille Bedford, NS Dartmouth Juniors
2012 6th (196th) Pirates INF Eric Wood Pickering, Ont. Blinn College
2009 6th (197th) Phillies RHP Steven Inch Edmonton, Alta. Vauxhall Academy/Canadian National Junior Team
2004 7th (198th) Reds LHP Philippe-Alexandre Valiquette St. Laurent, Que. Academie Baseball Canada

2007 6th (199th) Reds RHP Evan Hildebrandt Abbotsford, BC Abbotsford Cardinals/Canadian National Junior Team

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