Top 100 most influential Canadians update


By Bob Elliott
Canadian Baseball Network

Let’s start off with an apology.

If you clicked here looking for the Canadian Baseball Network’s 11th annual list of 100 most influential Canadians in baseball, sorry ... we don’t have it finished yet.

December was a bad month due to eye surgery which meant I could not read an e-mail or a newspaper for a week. The doctors didn’t tell me that was a possibility or I would have waited until January.

Not fun.

Then, I had glasses which worked and now they do but for only an hour or so. 

So, no more 10 hours shifts. 

And no, I am not giving you the name of the eye doctor.

Just back from visiting the Moncton chapter, who are all very important influential people in their own rights. Sarah and Bob’s Xavier, seven, earned première étoile honours in his first start in goal, a big win for the Moncton Rangers over the Moncton Hornets. Meanwhile Xander, two, hit line drives off the basement tee and Zachary led the New Brunswick in smiles and giggles in the seventh-month old category.  

So, next on the agenda: new glasses, another check up and then we shall proceed with the 11th annual top 100 for 2017.

Oh, one more other thing: all lobbying and campaigning for 2017’s list of influentials ends when the ball dropped at Times Square the other night.

Previous most Influential Canadians in baseball:

2016: Joey Votto

2015: Alex Anthopoulos.

2014: Edward Rogers

2013: Blue Jays fans

2012: Paul Beeston

2011: Greg Hamilton

2010: Joey Votto

2009: Paul Beeston

2008: Paul Beeston

2007: Paul Godfrey, Greg Hamilton