1999 Canadians in the Minors

* Ntema Ndungidi (Montreal, Que.) of the Baltimore Orioles farm system. 84 Canadians played in MLB minor league systems in 1999.



C Chris Barskie, Langley, B.C. Class-A Boise Hawks (.348 average, six homers, 39 RBI)

OF Jeff Guiel, Langley, B.C, (.263, 6, 24) Double-A Erie Sea Wolves; (.328, 3, 12) Class-A Lake Elsinore.

RHP Steve Green, Longueuil, Que. (3-1 won-loss record, 3.32 earned run average) Double-A Erie; (7-6 won-loss record, 3.95 earned run average) Class-A Lake Elsinore Storm.

SS Mike Condon, Toronto, Ont. (.122, 0, 1) Class-A Cedar Rapids Kernels

RP Shayne Ferrier, Milton, Ont. (0-0, 27.00) Class-A Boise Hawks: (0-0, 5.06) Class-A Cedar Rapids Kernels

OF Ed Welch, Vancouver, BC (.344, 0, 19), Rookie-Class Butte Copper Kings



* SS Danny Klassen, Leamington, Ont. (.269, 6, 33) Triple-A Tuscon Sidewinders; (.235, 0, 1) Rookie-Class Arizona

SS Joe Yakopich, Amherstbrug, Ont. (.305, 0, 22) Rookie-A Arizona



OF Chris Heffernan, Guelph, Ont. (.109, 0, 2) Class-A Danville Braves

OF Jean Langlois, Ste. Foy, Que (.245, 3, 20) Class-A Jamestown Jammers



OF Ntema Ndungidi, Montreal (.266, 0, 18) Class-A Frederick Keys; (.194, 0, 24) Class-A Delmarva Shorebirds

3B Tim Nelson, Calgary, Alta. (.226, 3, 16) Class-A Bluefield Orioles

RHP Marc Houle, Montreal, Que. (0-3, 7.16) Class-A Bluefield Orioles

RHP Sean Jones, Hamilton, Ont. (1-3, 6.12) Class-A Bluefield Orioles

RHP Erik Bedard, Navan, Ont. (2-1, 1.86) Rookie-Class Gulf Coast



C Joe Siddall, Windsor, Ont. (.193, 8, 33) Triple-A Toledo Mud Hens.



RHP Mike Meyers, Tillsonburg, Ont. Double-A West Tennessee (4-0, 1.09); (10-3, 1.93) Class-A Daytona Cubs

RHP Paul Vracar, Stoney Creek, Ont. (1-0, 10.69) Class-A Eugene Emeralds



* RHP Aaron Myette, Surrey, BC (12-7, 3.66) Double-A Birmingham Barons.

RHP Julian Tucker, Chateauguay, Que. (2-1, 5.33, five saves) Double-A Birmingham Barons.



C Bobby Cripps, Powell River, BC Triple-A Indianapolis; (0.83, 0, 0) Double-A Knoxville; (.290, 2, 7) Class-A St. Catharines; (.063, 0, 1) Class-A Dunedin



3B Todd Betts, Scarborough, Ont. (.280, 19,67) Double-A Akron Aeros.

INF Steven Lowe, Victoria, B.C. (.232, 2, 11) Class-A Mahoning Valley Scrappers

RHP Robbie Vael, North Delta, BC (5-4, 4.86) Class-A Columbus RedStixx



RHP Pat Lynch, Milton (1-1, 3.00) Class-A Asheville Tourists; (10-5, 3.92, one save) Class-A Hagerstown Suns (Blue Jays)

LHP Mike Kusiewicz, Nepean, Ont. (1-3, 5.47) Rookie-Class Arizona Rockies.



C Maxime St. Pierre, Pintendre, Que. (.251, 1, 22) Class-A Oneonta Tigers



* RHP Ryan Dempster (1-1, 4.49) Triple-A Calgary Cannons



RHP Jason Green, Port Hope, Ont., (3-3, 10 saves, 3.40) Double-A Jackson Generals.



LHP Jason Gooding, Cambridge, Ont. (13-7, 4.73) Double-A Wichita Wranglers; (0-1, 6.00) Triple-A Omaha Golden Spikes

LHP Todd Thorn, Stratford, Ont. (8-5, 5.61, two saves) Class-A Wilmington Blue Rocks



* RHP Eric Gagne, Mascouche, Que., (12-4, 3.63) Double-A San Antonio Missions.

LHP Nial Hughes, Cardigan, PEI. (0-0, 0.00) Class-A San Bernadino

LHP Phil Devey, Lachute, Que. (5-4, 3.91) Class-A Yakima Bears

SS David Detienne, Dartmouth, N.S. (.216, 1, 16) Rookie-Class Great Falls Dodgers

RHP Clinton Hosford, North Vancouver, BC (1-0, 6.11, one save) Rookie-Class Great Falls Dodgers

RHP Chad Ricketts, Burlington, Ont. (6-4, 3.09, eight saves) Double-A West Tennesee Diamond Jaxx



C Alex Andreopoulos, High Park, Ont. (.264, 5, 31) Triple-A Louisville Riverbats.

OF Rob Pregnolato, Burlington, Ont. (.331, 3, 14) Rookie-Class Odgen Raptors



OF Kareem Johnson, Trail BC, (.266, 0, 15) Rookie-Class Gulf Coast

C Justin Morneau, New Westminster, BC (.302, 0, 9) Rookie-Class Gulf Coast



RHP Ryan Grantham, Burlington, Ont. (2-0, 3.42) Rookie-Class Gulf Coast

RHP Mike Johnson, Sherwood Park, Alb (6-12, 5.38) Triple-A Ottawa Lynx.

OF Jeremy Ware, Guelph, Ont. (.262, 9, 56) Double-A Harrisburg Senators; (.320, 2, 11) Class-A Jupiter Hammerheads

3B Simon Pond, North Vancouver BC (.256, 10, 77) Class-A Jupiter Hammerheads

RHP Trevor Wamback, Lower Sackville, N.S. (6-3, 2.84, one save) Class-A Cape Fear Crocs; (1-0, 2.92) Rookie-Class Gulf Coast

RHP Eric Charron, Montreal, Que. (2-6, 5.86) Rookie-Class Gulf Coast

LHP Charles Dubuc, Iberville, Que. (1-2, 2.70, two saves) Rookie-Class Gulf Coast



LHP Greg Heffernan, Guelph, Ont. (0-0, 5.14) Class-A Capital City Bombers

3B Patrick Deschenes, Beauport, Que. (.313, 1, 3) Class-A Pittsfield; (.377, 3, 30) Class-A Kingsport Mets; (.380, 1, 12) Rookie-Class Gulf Coast



RHP Reggie Laplante, Beauport, Que. (1-2, 5.21) Rookie-Class Gulf Coast



3B Monty Davis, Vernon, B.C. Class-A, Modesto A's (.000, 0, 0)

C Cody McKay, Vancouver BC (.294, 6, 43) Double-A Midland Rockhounds



RHP Eric Cyr, Montreal, Que. (1-0, 1.80) Class-A Idaho Falls Braves; (2-1, 3.26) Arizona Rookie League Padres

OF Aaron Guiel, Langley, BC, (.245, 12, 39) Triple-A Las Vegas Stars.

SS Kevin Nicholson, Surrey, BC (.288, 13, 81) Double-A Mobile Baybears.

LHP Todd Shiyuk, Tsawwassen, BC (5-0, 5.67, four saves) Rookie-Class Idaho Falls Braves



RHP David Chavarria, Burnaby, BC (0-1, 7.47) Double-A Shreveport Captains; (0-2, 7.58) Class-A San Jose Giants

LHP Danny Prata, Repentigny, Que. (9-9, 3.91) Class-A Bakersfield Blaze

RHP Vance Cozier, Ajax, Ont (5-4, 4.57) Class-A Salem-Keizer Volcanoes



2B Stubby Clapp, Windsor, Ont (.260, 14, 62)Triple-A Memphis Redbirds.

RP Dave Wainhouse, Scarborough, Ont. (1-3, 22 saves, 3.19) Triple-A Colorado Springs Sky Sox.



OF Ryan Radmanovich, Calgary, Alb. (.286, 17, 80) Triple-A, Tacoma Rainers.

* RP Steve Sinclair, Victoria BC (1-0, 4.50, one save) Triple-A Tacoma Rainers; (2-2, 2.06, 18 saves) Triple-A Syracuse SkyChiefs (Blue Jays)

LHP Jordon Zimmerman, Carseland, Alb. (1-4, two saves, 1.08) Double-A New Haven Ravens; (0-0, 5.14) Triple-A Tacoma Rainiers; (0-0, 27.00) Class-A Everett

RHP Chris Mears, Victoria, BC (3-6, 7.08) Class-A Lancaster Jethawks; (10-1, 2.43) Class-A Wisconsin Timber Rattlers

RHP Derek Bieniasz, Leaside, Ont. (1-8, 7.91) Class-A Lancaster Jethawks



OF Rich Butler, East York, Ont. (.286, 0, 1) Triple-A Durham Bulls.

3B Pierre LaForest, Montreal, Que. (.255, 13, 52) Class-A Charleston Riverdogs

RHP Chris Reitsma, Calgary, Alta. (4-10. 5.61) Class-A Sarasota Red Sox

RHP Joe Young, Ft. McMurray, Alta. Double-A Orlando (0-0, 0.00)



* RP Jeff Zimmerman, Carsland, Alta. (1-0, 0.00, one save) Triple-A Oklahoma City RedHawks



C Andy Stewart, Brockville, Ont. Triple-A Syracuse; (.300, 7, 40)

OF Rob Butler, East York, Ont. (.337, 2, 36) Double-A Knoxville Smokies.

1B Greg Morrison, Medicine Hat (.265, 2, 35) Class-A Dunedin Blue Jays

RHP Yan Lachapelle, Gatineau, Que. (2-3, 5.24, one save) Class-A Dunedin Blue Jays

LHP Clint Lawrence, Oakville, Ont. (1-1, 7.61, one save) Class-A Dunedin Blue Jays

1B Matt Logan, Brampton (.243, 9, 57) Class-A Hagerstown Suns

LHP Doug Dimma, Richmond Hill, Ont. (0-0, 9.00) Triple-A Syracuse; (3-1, 3.78, one save) Class-A St. Catharines Stompers

LHP Steve Murray, Ennismore, Ont. (1-4, 5.68, one save) Class-A St. Catharines Stompers

RHP Tyler Renwick, Calgary, Alta. (2-4, 5.31) Class-A St. Catharines Stompers

RHP Travis Hubbel, Edmonton, Alta. (0-0, 1.80, one save) Class-A St. Catharines Stompers

OF Aaron Fera, Sault Ste. Marie, Ont, (.221, 6, 29) Rookie-Class Medicine Hat

LHP Mark Curtis, Edmonton, Alta. (1-3, 6.89), Rookie-class Medicine Hat Blue Jays

(* - Denotes player promoted to major-league team)




  1. Ed Welch, Vancouver, BC, Rookie-Class Butte (Angels) .344.
  2. Rob Butler, East York, Ont. Double-A Knoxville (Jays) .337.
  3. Rob Pregnolato, Burlington, Ont. Rookie-Class Odgen (Brewers) .331.
  4. Patrick Deschenes, Beauport, Que. Class-A Pittsfield (Mets) .313;
  5. Andy Stewart, Brockville, Ont. Double-A Reading (Phillies) .305; Joe Yakopich, Amherstbrug, Ont. (Diamondbacks) Rookie-A Arizona, .305.


  1. Todd Betts, Scarborough, Ont. Double-A Akron (Indians) 18
  2. Ryan Radmanovich, Calgary, Alta. Triple-A Tacoma (Mariners) 16.
  3. Stubby Clapp, Windsor, Ont Triple-A Memphis Redbirds (Cardinals) 14.
  4. Pierre LaForest, Montreal, Que. (Devil Rays) Class-A Charleston Riverdogs, 13.
  5. Kevin Nicholson, Surrey, BC Double-A Mobile (Padres) 13.


  1. Nicholson, 81
  2. Simon Pond, North Vancouver BC Class-A Jupiter Hammerheads, 77.
  3. Radmanovich 76
  4. Jeremy Ware, Guelph, Class-A Jupiter and Double-A Harrisburgh (Expos) 66.
  5. Betts 64.


  1. Jason Gooding, Cambridge, Ont. Double-A Wichita and Triple-A Omaha (Royals) 13.
  2. Mike Meyers, Tillsonburg, Ont. Double-A West Tennessee and Class-A Daytona (Cubs) 13; Chris Mears, Victoria, B.C. Class-A Wisconsin and Class-A Lancaster (Mariners) 13.
  3. Eric Gagne, Masouche, Que. Double-A San Antonio (Dodgers) 12; Aaron Myette, Surrey, BC, Double-A Birmingham (White Sox) 12.


  1. Jordon Zimmerman, Carseland, Alb. New Haven (Mariners) 1.15.
  2. Meyers, Double-A West Tennesee (Cubs) 1.39.
  3. Travis Hubbel, Edmonton, Alta. Class-A St. Catharines (Blue Jays) 1.80.
  4. Erik Bedard, Navan, Ont. Rookie-Class Gulf Coast (Expos) 1.86.
  5. Steve Green, Longueuil, Que. Double-A Erie (Angels) 2.60.


  1. Dave Wainhouse, Scarborough, Triple-A Colorado Springs (Rockies) 22.
  2. Steve Sinclair Triple-A Syracuse (now with Seattle) 19.
  3. Jason Green, Port Hope, Ont., Double-A Jackson (Astros) 10.
  4. Chad Ricketts, Burlington, Ont. Double-A West Tennesee (Cubs) 7.
  5. Julien Tucker, Chateauguay, Que. Double-A Birmingham (White Sox) 5.


Awarded by the National Association of Professional Baseball Leagues:


Double-A Eastern League:

April 26-May 2 - 3B Todd Betts, Scarborough, Ont. Akron (Cleveland Indians), hit .471 (8-17) with two doubles, four runs scored, three homers, six RBIs in 6 games with a 1.118 slugging percentage.

Double-A Southern League:

Aug. 13-19 - RHP Mike Meyers, Tillsonburg, Ont. West Tennessee (Chicago Cubs) went 2-0 with a 0.00 ERA, allowing nine hits and fanning 20 in 13 innings.

July 16-22 - SS Kevin Nicholson, Surrey, BC, Mobile (San Diego Padres ), hit 452 (14-for-31) with three doubles, five RBIs and nine runs scored.

May 21-27 - RHP Aaron Myette, Surrey, BC, Birmingham (Chicago White Sox ) went 2-0, allowing two runs while striking out 12 in 13.2 innings.

May 14-20 - OF Rob Butler, East York, Ont. Knoxville (Toronto Blue Jays), hit .560 (14-25) with 7 runs scored, and 7 runs batted in.

Double-A Texas League:

July 6-11 - RHP Eric Gagne, Macousche, Que. San Antonio (Los Angeles Dodgers) went 2-0 with a 1.32 ERA, allowing 10 hits while striking out 15 in 13.2 innings.

May 24-30 - RHP Eric Gagne, San Antonio (Dodgers) threw seven scoreless innings in his only start, fanning 12.

Class-A California League:

August 2-8 - LHP Steve Green, Longueuil, Que. Lake Elsinore (Anaheim Angels) pitched a five-hit shutout, striking out six and walking nobody.

Class-A Florida State:

April 26- May 2 - RHP Mike Meyers, Tillsonburg, Ont. Daytona (Chicago Cubs), went 2-0 with a 0.77 ERA, allowing just one earned run and 7 hits while striking out 18 in 11.2 innings.

Class-A Mid-West League:

May 23-29 - RHP Chris Mears, Victoria BC, Wisconsin (Seattle Mariners) went 1-0 with a 0.00 ERA, allowing just one hit while fanning eight in seven innings.

May 2-8 - RHP Chris Mears, Victoria, BC, Wisconsin (Seattle Mariners), went 2-0 with a 2.03 ERA, allowing three earned runs while fanning 12 in 13 innings.

Class-A Northwest League:

Aug. 30-Sept. 6 - LHP Phil Devey, Lachute, Que. Yakima Bears (Los Angeles Dodgers), allowed one run and seven hits while fanning four in tossing a complete game.

Rookie-Class Appalachian League:

August 2-8 - 1B Pat Deschenes, Kingsport (New York Mets), hit .545 (18-for-33) with nine runs scored, two doubles, two homers, 11 RBI, and a .788 slugging percentage.

Rookie-Class Arizona League:

Aug. 30-Sept. 6 - RHP Eric Cyr, Padres, went 1-0 with a 0.00 ERA in two appearances including a start, allowing two hits and a walk while striking out 12 in nine innings.

Baseball America's Top Canadian Prospects by Organization

(heading into the 1999 season)

Baltimore Orioles 8. OF Ntema Ndungidi, Montreal, Que. Class-A Frederick Keys

Boston Red Sox 12. RHP Chris Reitsma, Calgary, Alta. Class-A Sarasota

Chicago White Sox 3. RHP Aaron Myette, Surrey, B.C. Double-A Birmingham Barons and Chicago White Sox

Minnesota Twins 9. 3B Corey Koskie, Anola, Man. Minnesota Twins

Texas Rangers 10. RP Jeff Zimmerman, Carseland, Alta. Triple-A Oklahoma City and Texas Rangers

Arizona Diamondbacks 6. SS Danny Klassen, Leamington, Ont., Triple-A Tuscon Sidewinders:

Colorado Rockies 14. Minor League Pitcher of the Year - LHP Mike Kusiewicz, Nepean, Ont. Rookie-Class Arizona

San Diego Padres 11. SS Kevin Nicholson, Surrey, BC, Double-A Mobile Baybears

Baseball America Top Prospects by League


RHP Eric Gagne, Mascouche, Que. San Antonio Missions (Dodgers) 8. RHP Aaron Myette, Surrey, B.C. Birmingham Barons (White Sox) SS Kevin Nicholson, Surrey, B.C. Mobile Baybears (San Diego Padres) Texas League


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