Alomar's signed bat raises $4,000 for The Haven

* Robbie Alomar gave the gift that keeps on giving to Haven on the Queensway. Susan Carbone, left, and Bev Hynek, directors at Haven, show off the signed Alomar bat that was auctioned twice, raising $4,000 for the centre that runs entirely on donations. The kind-hearted first winner didn't take the bat home, allowing it to go up for bidding again .... 2013 Canadians Projected Draft list Letters of Intent 2012 Canadians in the Minors  2012 Canadians in College 2012 Canadians Drafted


By Bob Elliott

This is about how one bat and some big hearts combined to help others.

Robbie Alomar donated an autographed Hall of Fame bat to be auctioned at The Haven on The Queensway’s golf tournament this summer. The Haven was converted the Church on the Queensway from the Casino Adult Lounge into a place that provides a food bank plus support for Etobicoke and the GTA.

A nice gesture by the Blue Jays only Hall of Famer.

The Haven’s Susan Carbone said that the winning bid was $2,500. The story does not end there.

The Mississauga woman with the winning bid re-donated the bat for auction and asked to remain anonymous.

It re-sold for $1,500, so the Haven raised $4,000 from one Alomar bat.

What a kind gesture.

Carbone supplied the woman’s phone number but the woman with the winning bid was not giving her name.

“The only name you will hear from me is Jesus,” said the woman via phone. “I’m not of baseball fan. I’m a fan of people, I’m the biggest fan of Jesus.

“I have a strong compassion for people that are homeless and I don’t think they get the attention they deserve ... there but for the grace of God, go I.”

The Haven, located across from what used to be Queensway Cathedral, where Tony Fernandez attended church, caters to over 350 clients each month, distributing approximately 96,000 pounds of food.

“I have volunteered over the years,” said the woman. “I feel very fortunate that I could contribute, The compliment should not go to me but to the people at Haven.”

Carbone explained the circumstances how the Haven wound up with the Alomar’s bat for its first-ever golf tournament.

“Robbie was getting his hair cut, a woman was talking in Spanish about working at the golf tournament,” Carbone said. “Robbie donated the bat. The woman didn’t even know who Robbie was until she went home, looked him up on google and discovered what a famous man he is.”