Canadians drafted in 1985

* LHP Steve Wilson (Victoria, BC) was the top Canadian selected in 1985 from the University of Portland Pilots ....  


Nine Canadians drafted ... in 1985

Round Club Position/Name Hometown College/University

June draft

4th (83rd) Rangers LHP Steve Wilson Victoria, BC University of Portland

7th (180th) Padres RHP Matt Maysey Hamilton, Ont. Hastings High School, Houston, TX

11th (265th) Rangers OF Kevin Reimer Enderley, BC Cal-State Fullerton

13th  (430th)  Tigers  RHP Alain Patenaude, Laval, Que. University of Miami

28th (712th) A’s RHP Marty Hall Victoria, BC Cochise College


32nd (795th) Tigers C Bob Thomson Corunna, Ont. University of Kansas


January draft

6th (146th) Angels OF-1B Martin Robitaille St. Foy, Que. Cochise College

7th (161st) Expos SS Luc Berube Charlesbourg, Que. Cochise College (AZ) *

8th (201st) Yankees OF Scott Maxwell Calgary, Alta. Cochise College (AZ) *


By province: BC 3, Quebec 3, Ontario 2, Alberta 1.

By team: Rangers 2, Tigers 2, A’s 1, Angels 1, Expos 1, Padres 1, Yankees 1.

(Only Canadians attending university south of the border were eligible for the draft from 1985-1990)