Canadians drafted in 1997

* SS Kevin Nicholson (Surrey, BC) of the Stetson University Hatters was the first Canadian chosen in 1997 ....  


42 Canadians drafted in ... in 1997

Round (Over-all) Club Position Name Home Town University/Team

1st (27th) Padres SS Kevin Nicholson Surrey, BC Stetson University 1A (36th) Orioles OF Ntema Ndungidi Montreal, Que. Academie Baseball Canada 1A (43rd) White Sox RHP Aaron Myette Surrey, BC Central Arizona College 2nd  (79th) Indians RHP Robbie Vael Surrey, BC Eastern Utah College 5th (151st) Royals LHP Jason Gooding Cambridge, Ont. Texas Tech University

7th (214th) Cubs RHP Paul Vracar Stoney Creek, Ont. Ontario Blue Jays 10th (297th) Angels RHP Steve Green Longeiul, Que. Fort Scott Community College 13th (389th) Blue Jays RHP Travis Hubbel Edmonton, Alta. Edmonton Sharks 13th (408th) Dodgers RHP Matt Bornyk Victoria, BC Victoria Rebels 14th (435th) Orioles RHP Sean Jones Hamilton, Ont. Hamilton Cardinals

16th (483rd) Twins LHP Jordie Gerk Kelowna, BC Kelowna Cubs 18th (562nd) Braves LHP Brad Drew Waterloo, Ont. Waterloo 20th (619th) Yankees CF Paul Manning Red Deer, Alta. Red Deer Braves 25th (762nd) Colorado C Trent Kitsch Kelowna, BC Kelowna Cubs 25th (768th) Dodgers INF David Detienne Dartmouth, N.S. Nova Scotia Selects

26th (775th) Tigers C Maxim St. Pierre Montreal, Que. Trois-Rivieries Ailes 26th (784th) Cubs RHP Mike Meyers Tillsonburg, Ont. Black Hawk College-Moline 28th (857th) Rangers RHP Mike Eskildsen Maple Ridge, BC Coquitlam Reds 29th (867th) Anaheim SS Mike Condon Toronto, Ont. Seton Hall University 29th(883rd) Mariners CF Matthew Huntingford West Vancouver, BC North Shore Twins

34th (1044th) Devil Rays RHP Kris Ehmke Peterborough, Ont. Peterborough Hobies/Ontario Blue Jays 34th (1019th) Blue Jays RHP Jamie Jenkins Mirimachi, N.B. New Brunswick Selects 34th (1043rd) Diamondbacks RHP Philip McKaig Swift Current, Sask. Corona Del Sol HS, Tempe AZ 35th (1053rd) Twins RHP Craig Hawkins Burlington, Ont. Ontario Blue Jays 36th (1079th) Blue Jays RHP Simon Stoner Prince George BC Prince George Knights

36th (1094th) Cardinals OF Andy Bevins Port Coquitlam, BC, San Diego State University 37th (1128th) Dodgers RHP Tyler Renwick Langley, BC New Mexico Jr. College 39th (1187th) Rangers SS Peter Orr Newmarket, Ont. Ontario Blue Jays 40th (1217th) Rangers LHP Craig Mosher Richmond, BC White Rock Tritons 44th (1303rd) Blue Jays RHP Todd Thompson Trail, BC Indian Hills Community College

44th (1315th) Expos OF Matthew Baird Burlington, Ont. North Central Texas State 44th (1316th) Dodgers C Graig Merritt Pitt Meadows, BC Northern Idaho College 45th (1341st) Diamondbacks INF Steven Doherty Richmond, BC Whalley Chiefs 47th (1374th) Dodgers LHP Jean Emard Montreal, Que. Academie Baseball Canada 50th (1423rd) Dodgers RHP Chris Howay New Westminister, BC Coquitlam Reds

51th (1432nd) Twins RHP Clinton Bailey Chemainus, BC Mid Island Canadians 56th (1498th) Dodgers RHP Reggie LaPlante Beauport Que. Academie Baseball Canada 59th (1529th) Dodgers SS Josh Ridgeway Ladner, BC Tsawwassen Midgets 62nd (1549th) Yankees 3B Paul Schlosser Medicine Hat, Alta. Medicine Hat Moose Monarchs 66th (1567th) Blue Jays RHP Cam Newitt Little Britain, Ont. Northwest Shoals Jr. College

67th (1572nd) Blue Jays RHP David Steffler Keene, Ont. Winthrop University 67th (1573rd) Dodgers RHP Corey Stephen Regina, Sask. Saskatchewan Selects

(1A Sandwich pick)

By province: British Columbia 18, Ontario 12, Quebec 5, Alberta 3, New Brunswick 1, Nova Scotia 1, Saskatchewan 2. By team: 1. Dodgers 9, 2. Blue Jays 6, 3. Rangers 3, 3. Twins 3. Angels 2, Cubs 2, Diamondbacks 2, Orioles 2, Yankees 2,  Braves 1, Cardinals 1, Devil Rays 1, Expos 1, Indians 1, Mariners 1, Padres 1, Rockies 1, Royals 1, Tigers 1, White Sox 1.

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