Canadians drafted in 2006

* INF Kyle Orr (Victoria, BC) was the top Canadian drafted in 2006 ....  


38 Canadians drafted in ... in 2006

Round (Over-all) Club Position Name Home Town University/Team 4th (113th) Dodgers 1B Kyle Orr Victoria, BC Victoria Mariners/Canadian National Junior Team 7th  (210th) Blue Jays OF Jonathan Baksh Mississauga, Ont. Florida Tech University 7th (216th) Twins OF Jonathan Waltenbury Whitby, Ont. Ontario Blue Jays/Canadian National Junior Team 8th (249th) Astros OF Jimmy VanOstrand Richmond, BC Cal Poly San Luis Obispo University 13th (392nd) Brewers RHP Chris Toneguzzi Thunder Bay, Ont. Purdue University

16th (486th) Twins RHP-INF Shayne Willson South Surrey, BC Langley Blaze/Canadian National Junior Team 18th (527th) Royals OF Chase Larsson Vancouver, BC Vancouver Mounties/Canadian National Junior Team 20th (602nd) Brewers LHP Medhi Djebbar Montreal, Que. Academie Baseball Canada/Canadian National Junior Team 20th (613th) Red Sox SS Kyle Gilligan Etobicoke, Ont. Ontario Blue Jays/Canadian National Junior Team 23rd (679th) Devil Rays OF Matt McCarney Kanata, Ont. Ottawa-Nepean Canadians/Canadian National Junior Team

25th (741st) Mariners OF Tyson Gillies Kamloops, BC Langley Blaze/Canadian National Junior Team 26th (769th) Devil Rays RHP Drew Parker Surrey, BC North Delta Blue Jays/Canadiean National Junior Team 26th (780th) Blue Jays OF Chris Emanuele Mississauga, Ont. Northeastern University 27th (807th) Diamondbacks OF Connor Janes Vancouver, BC University of British Columbia 28th (842nd) Brewers INF Terrell Alliman Waterloo, Ont. Inter-County Terriers

30th (916th) Cardinals 1B Jared Schweitzer Sherwood Park, Alta. Kansas University 34th (1026th) Twins INF Marcel Champagnie Bolton, Ont. Kaskaskia College 34th (1032nd) Angels OF Bobby Wagner Maple Ridge, BC Douglas College 35th (1040th) Pirates SS Josue Peley Montreal, Que. Seminole State College 35th (1064th) Yankees INF David Van Ostrand Richmond, BC Allan Hancock College

36th (1071st) Mariners RHP Kyle Haas Pitt Meadows, BC Douglas College 37th (1109th) Cubs RHP David Francis Mississauga, Ont. Ontario Blue Jays/Canadian National Junior Team 38th (1128th) Rockies LHP Jon Hesketh Langley, BC Vernon Jr. College 38th (1129th) Devil Rays OF Chris Dennis Windsor, Ont. Windsor Junior Selects/Canadian National Junior Team 38th (1140th) Blue Jays 1B Kevin Denis-Fortier Quebec City, Que. Crowder College

39th (1166th) Giants SS Lee Darracott Winnipeg, Man. Vernon Jr. College 40th (1204th) Mets RHP Tyler Binkley Sault Ste. Marie, Ont. Sault Ste. Marie Black Sox 41st (1241st) Indians C Kyle Paul Kelowna, BC Vernon Jr. College 45th (1347th) Blue Jays LHP Lee Verweel Toronto, Ont. Toronto Mets 46th (1370th) Reds RHP Jordan Tiegs Woodstock, Ont. Sauk Valley Community College

46th (1378th) Brewers C Aaron Johnson Sussex Corner, N.B. Prairie Baseball Academy 46th (1380th) Marlins 3B Mitch McDonald Regina, Sask. Monterey Peninsula College 48th (1424th) Tigers RHP Matthew McDonald Dartmouth, N.S. Ulster Community College 48th (1430th) Rangers RHP Rylan Ostrosky Edmonton, Alta. Prairie Baseball Academy 48th (1444th) Yankees RHP Jeffrey Loveys Woodstock, Ont. Ball State University

49th (1460th) Blue Jays RHP Brad Cuthbertson Edmonton, Alta. Midland College 49th (1466th) Phillies LHP Olivier Routhier-Pare Montreal, Que. Academie Baseball Canada/Les Eiles Du Quebec 50th (1490th) Brewers SS Ricky Alvernaz White Rock, BC White Rock Tritons

By province: Ontario 14, British Columbia 13, Quebec 4, Alberta 3, Manitoba 1, New Brunswick 1, Saskatchewan 1, Nova Scotia 1.

By team: 1. Blue Jays 5, 1. Brewers 5, 3. Devil Rays 3, 3. Twins 3, Diamondbacks 2, Mariners 2, Yankees 2, Angels 1, Astros 1, Cardinals 1, Cubs 1, Dodgers 1, Giants 1, Indians 1, Marlins 1, Mets 1, Red Sox 1, Phillies 1, Pirates 1, Rangers 1, Reds 1, Rockies 1, Royals 1, Tigers 1.