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No knocking on this Wood

26 Canadians drafted


By Bob Elliott

Don’t feel sorry for Ryan Kellogg expected to be the top Canadian drafted in the June draft.

Kellogg went in the 12th round to the Toronto Blue Jays where the amount of cash allowed to give as a bonus is $100,000, give or take, which is less than the he was expected if selected in the fourth-to-sixth round neighbourdhood.

How much less ... well the allotted slot money for the first pick of the fourth round was $360,200 US and the final pick of the sixth round was worth $152,900.

So, he either signs or attends Arizona State University and the Sun Devils scenic campus and re-enters the draft in three years.

Now, we’re been doing this for a few years and any time a player falls there is talk how the player wanted hundreds of thousands above slot.

We’ll wait to her from Kellogg before reporting the numbers.


11:14 AM: So with nine Canadians selected on Day II and 25 rounds remaining, how high (or low) will the count get this year? Well, we had some pre-draft guess in the Day I blog. We’re guessing about 23.

The lowest total of Canadians drafted ever came in 1992 when 20 were selected, the second year Canadians were included in the draft. Back then the draft was not 40 rounds. It wasn’t 50 either ... teams picked until you didn’t want to pick any more with some clubs selecting into the 75th round..


11:45 AM: Bryan Graham informs us that the Blue Jays fifth-round pick lefty Brad Delatte is a former Thunder Bay Border Cat ...

Former Border Cats pitcher Brad Delatte is now a member of the Toronto Blue Jays organization.  The 22-year old lefthander from Nicholls State University was selected in the fifth round (175th overall), by the Blue Jays during the second day of the Major League Baseball Draft.  Delatte pitched for the Border Cats in 2010 and 2011.  The 6’ 0”, 175 pound native of Gonzales, LA., appeared in 19 games in relief for Thunder Bay last season and posted a 2-1 record with five saves and a 1.91 earned run average.  Delatte was selected to the North Division team for the 2011 Northwoods League All Star Game.


11:54 PM: Trying to come to grips with the new draft rules ... The Blue Jays take a different approach, Baseball America explains ...

J.J. Cooper How the new draft rules put college seniors first on Day II

Clint Longenecker: Jays draft the most seniors


12:16 PM: Looks like the Jays have their 14th pick, LHP Zak Wasilewski, locked up, according to  BRIAN WOODSON who will forego a scholarship at South Carolina to sign


1:12 PM: Canadians drafted can be found here


1:14 PM OK, name the last high school in Canada to twice produce the top Canadians selected in the draft: this year Eric Wood and before him Lee Delfino, both from Pickering High School.

Back from day job ...  some updates on Jays picks


PATRICIA BABCOCK McGRAW No. 15 Mundelein’s Ryan Borucki  trying to decide

SETH WALDER AND MITCH ABRAMSON -- SS Jose Cuas refused to lower asking price, headed to Maryland, Jays draft him anyway


Final thoughts: Whatever the sport, er industry, leading into a draft a team will always pick A) either the best player available -- the one highest on their board or B) draft by positional need.

What the Jays did was pick their best four players, then took some flyers and then picked seniors with their seven final picks of the first 10.

No way a senior is a better player than a high schooler or a college junior.

The seven seniors were drafted because they were cheap signs under the new Basic Agreement there was a lot of movement.

Signability was a larger issue, depending upon who you listen to Ryan Kellogg either asked for too much or always wanted to go to the University of Arizona.

On the other side of the coin Eric Wood of Blinn College, who has already signed and Rowam Wick, who is very close, moved up because they were ready to sign.

It will take some getting used to ... this new draft.