Final 2014 Tournament 12 rosters

* Dakota Curry (Prince George, B.C.) a Langley Blaze hero in the BC Premier League playoffs, was one of the players added as the 20-man rosters were finalized for the eight teams in the second annual Tournament 12, which takes place Sept. 16-20 at the Rogers Centre. .... 2014 Canadians drafted … Canadians in College 2015 Canadian draft list Letters of Intent


By Bob Elliott

The picking and choosing up sides is now completed.

Rosters for the second annual Tournament 12 are finalized.

The final 24 spots (three per team) complete the 20-player rosters for the eight-team national showcase event at the Rogers Centre Sept. 16-20 governed by commissioner Robbie Alomar, the Blue Jays Hall of Fame second baseman.

This year’s selection process was much more thorough than a year ago with 10 players being named to the roster, then an additional seven and finally a 60-player audition for Jamie Lehman and T.J. Burton of the Jays on the weekend at Ajax during the Pan-Am test tournament event.

No one yelled “Red Rover, Red Rover let ... the catcher come over,” but they got the job done.

One addition to the B.C. Orange team is INF Dakota Curry (Prince George, BC), who helped the Langley Blaze beat the North Shore Twins in the final of the B.C. Premier League.

Down 3-2 to the North Shore Twins in the bottom of the ninth of the championship game, after two singles and a walk, Curry knocked in two runs with a walk off double to win the championship.

And the night before Curry hit a walk off home run to send the Blaze into the championship final.

Some of the other additions include Carter Loewen (Abbotsford, BC) of the Abbotsford Cardinals with BC Orange, RHP-INF Garner Spoljaric (Lisle, Ont.) Futures Navy of the Great Lake Canadians, C Tony Hrynkiw (Brampton, Ont.) Ontario Green of the Ontario Blue Jays; OF Micheal Ong (Scarborough, Ont.) Ontario Black of the Toronto Mets and INF Malik James (Ajex, Ont.) of the Ontario Yankees, Ontario Green.




Outfielder Justin King Okotoks Dawgs 2016

Outfielder Clayton Keyes Okotoks Dawgs 2016

Outfielder/Pitcher Owen Bessett Play Maker University 2015

Outfielder Zack Kunkel Vauxhall Academy 2015

Intfielder Kobe Hyland Edmonton Prospects 2016

Intfielder Tyler Scott Vauxhall Academy 2015

Infielder/Catcher Peter Hutzal Okotoks Dawgs 2016

Intfielder Nolan Rattai Vauxhall Academy 2015

Catcher Shawn Robbins Vauxhall Academy 2015

Catcher Luke Lepine Okotoks Dawgs 2016

Pitcher Mike Soroka PBF 2015

Pitcher Jackson Wark Prospects Academy 2015

Pitcher Jared Kennedy Vauxhall Academy 2015

Pitcher Kurt Meeburg Langley Blaze 2015

Pitcher/Infielder Nik Cardinal Okotoks Dawgs 2015

Pitcher Nick Vickers Okotoks Dawgs 2015

Pitcher Jordan Parranto Sherwood Park Dukes 2015

Pitcher Dylan Gates St Albert 2015

Pitcher Scott Gillespie Sherwood Park Dukes 2015

Pitcher Andrew Grider Prairie Baseball Academy 2015



Position Player Team Draft

Outfielder Nolan Levy Prairie Baseball Academy 2014

Outfielder Brett Brittany Fredericton Royals 2015

Outfielder Jed Noonan Team Prince Edward Island 2015

Outfielder Jamie Whynot Team Nova Scotia 2015

Outfielder Peyton Hoyt Team New Brunswick 2015

Outfielder Anthony McKinley Vauxhall Academy 2014

Infielder Tyler Hennessy Team Newfoundland 2015

Infielder Nathan Livingston Team Nova Scotia 2016

Intielder JJ Oram Vauxhall Academy 2015

Intfielder Blake Gallager Fredericton Royals/Vauxhall Academy  2015

Intfielder Samuel Cameron Team New Brunswick 2015

Catcher Cole MacLaren Okotoks Dawgs 2015

Catcher Nicholas Leblanc Team New Brunswick 2016

Pitcher Luc Herbert Prairie Baseball Acadmey 2015

Pitcher/Outfielder Peyton Tardif  Team New Brunswick 2015

Pitcher Jake Lonar Team Nova Scotia 2016

Pitcher Reilly O’Rourke Vauxhall Academy 2015

Pitcher Jake Cook Vauxhall Academy 2015

Pitcher Blake Flinn Team New Brunswick 2015

Pitcher Darcy Afflect Team Prince Edward Island 2014




Outfielder Jesse Mycock Victoria Mariners 2015

Outfielder Jordan Dray Whalley Chiefs 2016

Outfielder/Intfielder Geoff Ehresman North Shore Twins 2015

Outfielder/Pitcher Robert Hemer North Shore Twins 2015

Intfielder Dakota Curry Langley Blaze 2015

Infielder Trevor Lofstrom Okanagan Athletics 2015

Infielder Tony Pharand Langley Blaze 2015

Intielder Tyler Hoefer North Delta Blue Jays 2015

Infielder/Pitcher Matteo Vincelli North Shore Twins 2015

Infielder Lichel Hirakawa-Kao Whalley Chiefs 2015

Catcher Hayden Jaco Langley Blaze 2015

Catcher/Infielder Nick Favaro North Shore Twins 2015

Catcher Tanner Rempel Abbotsford Cardinals 2015

Pitcher/Infielder Carter Loewen Abbotsford Cardinals 2015

Pitcher Kristjan Storrie Langley Blaze 2015

Pitcher Kyle Ross Langley Blaze 2015

Pitcher Josh Burgmann Vauxhall Academy 2016

Pitcher Will McAffer North Shore Twins 2015

Pitcher Ethan Skuija Victoria Eagles 2015

Pitcher Clark Grisbrook Prairie Baseball Academy 2014



Position Player Team Draft

Outfielder Cooper Davis Ontario Blue Jays 2016

Outfielder Issac Deveaux Montreal Orioles 2016

Outfielder Kurt Dawkins Etobicoke Rangers 2016

Outfielder Lucas Parente Pickering-Ajax Cubs 2016

Intfielder Adam Hall Great Lake Canadians 2017

Intfielder Brad Aldred Toronto Mets 2016

Intfielder Ryan Kula Etobicoke Rangers 2017

Intfielder Luke Van Rycheghem Ontario Blue Jays 2016

Catcher Lenn Nakatsuka Parksville Royals 2016

Catcher Reese O’Farrell Ontario Blue Jays 2016

Catcher Tyler Barclay Great Lake Canadians 2015

Pitcher Tyler Whalen Hamilton Cardinals 2016

Pitcher Sam Turcotte Ontario Terriers 2016

Pitcher Hunter Spoljaric Great Lake Canadians 2016

Pitcher Mateos Kakatos Toronto Mets 2016

Pitcher Dalton Harvey Great Lake Canadians 2015

Pitcher Niall Windeler Toronto Mets 2016

Pitcher Noah Skirrow Ontario Blue Jays 2016

Pitcher Matt Jones Team Ontario 2016

Pitcher/Intfielder Garner Spoljaric Great Lake Canadians 2016




Outfielder Demi Orimoloye Ottawa Nepean Canadians 2015

Outfielder Eric Senor Toronto Mets 2015

Outfielder Nick Howie Ontario Blue Jays 2015

Outfielder/Intfielder Mike OngToronto Mets 2016

Intfielder Ryohei Suzuki Toronto Mets 2015

Intfielder Josh Naylor Ontario Blue Jays 2015

Intfielder JD Williams Ontario Blue Jays 2015

Infielder Cooper Lamb Ontario Blue Jays 2016

Catcher Andy Yerzy Toronto Mets 2016

Catcher Zack Fascia Brampton Royals 2016

Catcher Jacob Simms Ontario Terriers 2015

Pitcher Drew Reilly Fieldhouse Pirates 2015

Pitcher Brett Strenger Great Lake Canadians 2015

Pitcher Matt Ianni Ottawa Nepean Canadians 2015

Pitcher Issac Anesty Ontario Blue Jays 2015

Pitcher Nathan Arruda Ontario Blue Jays 2015

Pitcher Tyler Whitbread Great Lake Canadians 2015

Pitcher Dallas Taylor Fieldhouse Pirates 2015

Pitcher Eric Thrower Etobicoke Rangers 2015

Pitcher Mat Szabo Great Lake Canadians 2015



Position Player Team Draft

Outfielder Ian Wilson Toronto Mets 2015

Outfielder Miles Gordon Ontario Royals 2015

Outfielder Austen Oulds Great Lake Canadians 2015

Outfielder Tristan Pompey Toronto Mets 2017

Outfielde/Intfielder Noah Renaud Windsor Selects 2014

Intfielder Royce Ando Ontario Blue Jays 2015

Intfielder Elliott Curtis Ontario Terriers 2016

Infileder Ryan Rijo Ontario Blue Jays 2015

Intfielder Malik James Ontario Yankees 2016

Catcher Darren Shred Ontario Blue Jays 2015

Catcher/Intfielder Max Wright Toronto Mets 2016

Catcher Tony Hrynkiw Ontario Blue Jays 2015

Pitcher Micheal Brettell Great Lake Canadians 2015

Pitcher Liam Munshi Ontario Blue Jays 2015

Pitcher Nick Virdo Brampton Royals 2016

Pitcher RJ Freure Ontario Blue Jays 2015

Pitcher Austen Shields Stoney Creek Blue Jays 2015

Pitcher Cole White Ontario Blue Jays 2015

Pitcher Jack Caswell Brampton Royals 2015

Pitcher/Intfielder Matt Warkentin Great Lake Canadians2015


Prairies - PURPLE

Position Player Team Draft

Outfielder Troy Blad Prairie Baseball Academy 2014

Outfielder Marshall Burgess Brandon Knights 2015

Outfielder Luxon Glor Winnipeg South Cheifs/Vauxhall Academy  2015

Outfielder Christian Peters Winnipeg South Cheifs 2015

Outfielder Eric Clauson Team Saskatchewan 2015

Intfielder Brett Resch Saskatoon Giants/Vauxhall Academy  2015

Intfielder Brett Esau Northwest Prairie Pirates 2015

Intfielder Tyler Wood North Winnipeg Pirates 2016

Intfielder Dylan Flasch Bedlands Baseball Academy 2015

Catcher Ben Komonosky Regina Wolfpack/Vauxhall Academy  2015

Catcher Victor Cerny Team Manitoba 2015

Catcher Jordan Malainey Team Saskatchewan/Vauxhall Academy  2015

Pitcher BJ Moen Swift Current Indians 2015

Pitcher Nolan Legien Regina Athletics 2015

Pitcher Zack Demchenko Okotoks Dawgs 2016

Pitcher Brady Moxham Vauxhall Academy 2015

Pitcher/Outfielder Brody Frerichs Team Saskatchewan 2015

Pitcher Justin Beaumont Team Manitoba 2015

Pitcher Brody Burnett Vauxhall Academy 2015

Pitcher Pat Kelly Prairie Baseball Academy 2014

Pitcher Brandon Hatley South Central All-Stars/Vauxhall Academy  2016



Position Player Team Draft

Outfielder JF Garon Repentigny Royals 2014-15

Outfielder Jon Martin Repentigny Royals 2014-15

Outfielder Ben Pelletier Rive Sud Patriots 2015-16

Outfielder Jonathan Lacroix Montreal Orioles 2014-15

Intfielder Abraham Toro Montreal Orioles 2013-14

Intfielder Luca Portolese Montreal Orioles 2014-15

Intfielder Corey Boucher Lachine A’s2014-15

Intfielder Pierre Avoine Gatineau L’Attack2015-16

Intfielder Thomas Morrisette Rive Sud Patriots 2014-15

Catcher Matthew Chiz Lachine A’s 2014-15

Catcher Tristan Paris Gatineau L’Attack 2015-16

Catcher Sam Chaput Laval Midget AAA 2014-15

Pitcher Vincent Beauregard Montreal Orioles 2014-15

Pitcher Matthew Denault-Gautier Rive Sud Patriots 2015-16

Pitcher Alexis Lavergne Gatineau L’Attack 2014-15

Pitcher Jeremie Briere NDG Lynx 2014-15

Pitcher Jason Tarapasky Lasalle Cardinals 2013-14

Pitcher Conner Angel Lac St Louis Tigers 2015-16

Pitcher Oscar Rodriguez Montreal Orioles 2014-15

Pitcher Hugo Brochu Montreal Orioles 2014-15



Coaching Staffs

Alberta – Red

Mike Johnson (Edmonton, Alta.)

Les McTavish (Stettler, Alta.)

Greg Morrison (Medicine Hat, Alta.)

AJ Fystro (Peace River, Alta.)


Atlantic – Grey

Mark Noel (Miramichi, N.B.)

Steve Donahue (Mount Pearl, Nfld.)

Ken Lenihan (Bedford, N.S.)

Jason Monaghan (Stratford, PEI)

BC – Orange

Brooks McNevin (Terrace, BC)

Paul Spoljaric (Kelowna, BC)

Corey Eckstein (Abbotsford, BC)

Shawn Bowman (New Westminster, BC)


Futures – Navy

Hyung Cho (Toronto, Ont.)

Stubby Clapp (Windsor, Ont.)

Chris Begg (Uxbridge, Ont.)

JG Larocque (Sudbury, Ont.)

Ontario – Black

Nigel Wilson (Oshawa, Ont.)

Greg O’Halloran (Mississauga, Ont.)

Scott Bullet (Welland, Ont.)

Mike Lumley (London, Ont.)

Ontario – Green

Adam Stern (London, Ont.)

Chris Robinson (Dorchester, Ont.)

Tanner Watson (Arnprior, Ont.)

Rob Butler (East York, Ont.)


Prairies – Purple

Jim Baba (Ottawa, Ont.)

Wes Pomarensky (Winnipeg, Man.)

Greg Brons (Saskatoon, Sask.)

Morgan DePena (Winnipeg, Man.)


Quebec – Blue

Denis Boucher (Montreal, Que.)

Alex Agostino (St. Bruno, Que.)

Jasmin Roy (Longueuil, Que.)

Pat Scalabrini (Quebec City, Que.)