Podcast 10 - The Final Scouting Report

Guest: Allan Simpson, Founder of Baseball America and VP & National Director for Perfect Game Guest: Bob Elliott, Founder of Canadian Baseball Network, Spink Winner

In this episode of the Canadian Baseball Network Podcast we provide you with a final scouting report on the top Canadians in today's draft. Our guests include the founder of Baseball America and Vice President of Perfect Game, Allan Simpson, as well as Spink Winner and CBN founder, Bob Elliott.

We talk to Allan about the state of Baseball in Canada as well as his 30 year history with scouting and reporting on prospects. We then review in detail, each of the top Canadian prospects, with Allan and Bob providing their take on the skills and draft stock of each player. Bob and Allan also review their own personal top 3 Canadians.

Which Canadian will go first? Who's raised their stock the most this year? Who will sign and who wont? We answer all these questions and more on this episode of the Canadian Baseball Network Podcast.