Podcast 19: Dylan Rheault - Drafted Canadians

Guest: Dylan Rheault - Baltimore Orioles Draftee Guest: Jean-Gilles Larocque - Coach, The Baseball Academy

In this episode of the Canadian Baseball Network Podcast we discuss Baltimore Orioles draftee and the 10th Canadian drafted Dylan Rheault. In the first part of the episode we speak to Jean-Gilles Larocque, Dylan’s coach from his early years playing baseball in his hometown of Sudbury Ontario. Jean-Gilles reviews the state of baseball in Northern Ontario, and how he has seen interest in baseball grow since 2009 when The Baseball Academy, where he coaches, was first founded. JG also provides listeners a detailed scouting report on what kind of ball player Dylan Rheault is.

In the second half of the podcast we interview Dylan Rheault himself. Dylan has already started his professional career and we actually interviewed him on the morning of his first professional start. Dylan provided some excellent insight into his post draft decision making process between signing and going back to school as well as his first week as a professional baseball player.