Podcast 28: On Deck at Tournament 12

Guests: Roberto Alomar - Tournament 12 Commissioner

Rob Jack - Manager of Social Marketing

Bob Elliott - Canadian Baseball Network Founder and Toronto Sun Columnist

Liam McGuire - Social Media Reporter, Canadian Baseball Network

In this episode of the podcast we break down days one through three of  Tournament 12. In the first half of the episode we discuss the workout day and the first nine games, as well as the scout and college presence, with Bob Elliott and Liam McGuire.

In the second half of the episode we speak to the tournament's commissioner, hall of fame second baseman Roberto Alomar as well as the Manager of Social Marketing for the Toronto Blue Jays, Rob Jack.

Who were the standouts? What are the scouts saying? Has the Tournament been a success so far? We give you the rundown on the first half of Tournament 12 on this episode of the Canadian Baseball Network Podcast.

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