Podcast 14: Drafted Canadians - Ontario Blue Jays Alumni

Guest: Dan Bleiwas; Head Coach and Director of Operations at The Ontario Blue Jays In this episode of the CBN Podcast we discuss 6 of the 21 Canadians drafted in the 2013 MLB draft with their coach and head of the Ontario Blue Jays, Dan Bleiwas. Daniel Pinero, Malik Collymore, Sean Ratcliffe, Owen Spiwak, Mike Reeves and Julian Service were all members of the Ontario Blue Jays and coached by Dan. In the interview Dan tells us about the Ontario Blue Jays program. We also review the skills and development path of each of the previously mentioned players. At the end of the interview Dan also gives us a scouting report on potential first round talent and #1 on the Canadian baseball networks 2014 draft list, Gareth Morgan.

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