Put them all together: 4,306

* Neil Smith (Guelph), middle, puts his arm around Jamie Scarlett (Georgetown) and James Briggs (Toronto) to form 4,306, Tom Cheek's consecutive-game streak broadcasting the Blue Jays game Saturday at Doubleday Field before Shirley Cheek gave her speech. .... MLB, Brewers open workouts 2014 Canadian draft list 2013 Canadians in the Minors  2013 Canadian collegians playing summer ball 2013 Canadians in College  Letters of Intent


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By Bob Elliott

COOPERSTOWN -- Blue Jays fans wore Dave Stieb, Robbie Alomar, Jose Reyes, Tom Henke and Duane Ward jerseys to Doubleday Field.

They came to hear Shirley Cheek accept the Ford C. Frick award in memory of her husband Tom, who broadcast 4,306 consecutive games during his 27-year streak from opening day 1977 until June of 2004.

They wore Blue Jays caps with all different kinds of logos.

And there were plenty of Cheek grand children running around with CHEEK on their backs.

Yet, the most creative version were by Jamie Scarlett of Georgetown, Neil Smith from Guelph, and James Briggs of Toronto.

They all had on blue Blue Jays tops, but quickly removed them in the parking lot, arranged themselves in order to display

Scarlett wearing a white t-shirt with the No. 4.

Smith in a top with No. 30.

And Briggs wearing the No. 6.

Put them all altogether ... and the three Jays fans displayed Cheek’s consecutive-game streak of 4,306.