Scherrer wins scout of the year


June 9, 1994

By Bob Elliott

Now that the free-agent draft is over, it’s time to honor our 1994 Scout of the Year: Bill Scherrer of the Florida Marlins, a man who goes above and beyond the call of duty.

The former Tiger lefty, who pitched for the ‘84 World Series champs, now resides in Buffalo, covering western Pennsylvania, Ontario, Quebec and New York.

It was in Cortland, N.Y. where Scherrer earned his award. Scouts gathered to see a hitting prospect but twice they were rained out.

Now the 4 p.m. start was pushed back to 6:30 because of rain. Finally, as the game was about to start, under less than ideal conditions, the lights wouldn’t work.

As the team headed to the bus, Scherrer, one of Jack Morris’ best friends, asked for permission from the coach to throw batting practice to the prospect.

Scherrer threw from the wet mound wearing new white dress shoes before a captive audience of 14 scouts. The prospect hit balls over the fence and many a line drive.

Eventually, the youngster lined a comebacker through the box as Scherrer, new shoes and white dress pants, went down in the muck and mire.

When Scherrer walked off he was given a standing ovation by his fellow scouts.

"Reminded me of the old days,’’ deadpanned Scherrer, ``I’d come in the game, guys in the other dugout would stand and cheer.’’