Team Canada Game LiveChat Today at 3:00pm ET

Please join The Canadian Baseball Network for our inaugural LiveChat of today's TeamCanada exhibition game against the Milwaukee Brewers. CLICK HERE to join and view the LiveChat

To participate in this LiveChat you can join us on the website by clicking the "CLICK HERE" above or Tweet using the HASHTAG #CDNbaseballWBC and your tweets will be included into the chat.

The game can be listened to for FREE on using this link: 

Today's LiveChat will feature:

Bob Elliott (@elliottbaseball) - J. G. Taylor Spink Award winner, HOF Baseball Writer, Toronto Sun Baseball Columnist and CBN Founder.

Alexis Brudnicki (@baseballexis)- Canadian Baseball Network Contributor

Bryan McWilliam (@BryanMcwilliam) - Canadian Baseball Network Contributor -

Peter Bean (@Beannation) - Director of Fan Engagement, Canadian Baseball Network

Callum Hughson (@callumhughson) -

Tweets will also be included from all major media outlets covering the game live. The CBN WBC LiveChat is your single point of access to EXCLUSIVE Live Team Canada Coverage.