Video Scouting Report - Gareth Morgan

*The first of our annual video scouting reports features the top Canadian selected in this years draft, Gareth Morgan. Morgan was selected with the last pick of the second round, 74th overall by the Seattle Mariners. 2014 Canadian draft list … Social Media draft list ... Canadians in the Minors … Canadians in College

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By Peter Bean

Gareth Morgan was selected as the top Canadian in this years draft class. This came as no surprise. What did come as a surprise was how Bob Elliott predicted Morgan's selection by the Mariners early on in the draft on his Live Blog.

The following are a selection of scouting and interview videos from events Morgan attended in the past few years while building towards Thursday nights selection.

Perfect Game VIP Interview.

Morgan with the Langley Blaze in Arizona this spring.

Gareth Morgan hits a home run against Czech Republic in the 2013 18u World Championship in Taichung, Taiwan.

Morgan was the youngest player to appear in the Under Armour All America game in 2012. He came on to play RF in the 5th before moving across the outfield to LF for the last two innings.

Morgan homers over the left field wall in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic vs. the Dominican MLB Prospect team May 31, 2012.

Some 2013 batting cage video from Morgan's amateur team the Ontario Blue Jays.

And finally we have BP, HR Derby, and game at bats from the Perfect Game All American Classic in 2013.