Soroka, Degano sign, top $igning bonuses

RHP Mike Soroka (Calgary, Alta.) has agreed to terms with the Atlanta Braves. Selected 28th over-all, he was given a  $1.974,700 bonus. 

RHP Mike Soroka (Calgary, Alta.) has agreed to terms with the Atlanta Braves. Selected 28th over-all, he was given a $1.974,700 bonus. 

By Bob Elliott
Canadian Baseball Network

This list of players to sign for six figures ...

We updated it once all last summer when Gareth Morgan of the Ontario Blue Jays was given a $2 million US signing bonus by the Seattle Mariners.

Not that we are complaining, but we updated it when LHP Jeff Degano (Surrey, BC) signed with the New York Yankees for $650,000.

And a few hours later we had to re-arrange all the players in lists of five again after RHP Mike Soroka (Calgary, Alta.) of the Calgary PBF Redbirds and the Canadian National Jr. Team was given a $1.974,7 Million bonus by the Atlanta Braves, who took him with the 28th pick over-all.

Heading into the spring session the question asked of scouts was which do you like better: 1B Josh Naylor (Mississauga, Ont.) of the Ontario Blue Jays or OF Demi Orimoloye (Orleans, Ont.,) of the Ottawa-Nepean Canadians?

Soroka came out throwing 94 MPH in the spring facing Toronto Blue Jays hitters and had an impressive tour of the Dominican with the Canadian Junior Team. Soroka’s stock rose with the help of pitching coach Chris Reitsma, just as coach Blair Kubicek had prepared him for the 1996 draft.      

Naylor went 12th over-all to the Miami Marlins and is unsigned although he can sign when classes are finished this week. Orimoloye was drafted in the fourth round by the Milwaukee Brewers and signed for $450,000.

Besides Nailor, CF Miles Gordon (Oakville, Ont.) of the Great Lake Canadians went in the fourth round to the Cincinnati Reds and he too could be added to our list of player signing for six figures.  

Soroka had committed to Cal-Berkley and with a physical, 6-foot-5 body he projects as a middle of the rotation starter. 

He became the highest Alberta player ever selected by going 28th. Only three others went in the top 100 picks: LHP Rob Zastryzny (Edmonton) University of Missouri, who went 41st to the Chicago Cubs in the second round in 2013, Reitsma who went 34th pick over-all to the Boston Red Sox in 1996, RHP Joe Young (Fort McMurray) in the third round (98th) to the Toronto Blue Jays in 1993. 

Degano pitched for the White Rock Tritons, Marshalltown Community College in 2011-12 (going 8-5 with a 3.80 ERA as well as 98 strikeouts in 71 innings) and pitched the first three weekends of 2013 before injuring his arm and re-shirting all of 2014 due to Tommy John surgery. 

He dominated this spring due to a 91-95 mph fastball with swing-and-miss stuff. In his 99 innings Degano struck out a 126, good for third best in the country limiting hitters to a .216 average. He was 8-3 with a 2.36 ERA in 15 starts. 


Six-figure signing bonuses for Canadians

Year    Round    Team    Position    Name     Home Town     School/Team    Bonus
2010 1 Pirates RHP Jameson Taillon, The Woodlands, Tex., The Woodlands HS, $6.5 Million
2002 1 Orioles LHP Adam Loewen, Surrey, BC, Chipola College, $3.2 Million
2014 2 Mariners OF Gareth Morgan, North York, Ontario Blue Jays/Canadian National Jr Team $2 Million
2015 1 Braves RHP Michael Soroka, Calgary, Alta., Calgary PBF Redbirds/Canadian National Jr. Team $1,974,700 
2007 1 Mariners RHP Phillippe Aumont, Gatineau, Que. ABC/Canadian National Jr Team $1.9 Million

2002 1 Rockies LHP Jeff Francis, North Delta, BC, University of British Columbia, $1.85 Million
2008 1 Brewers C  Brett Lawrie, Langley, BC, Langley Blaze/Canadian National Jr Team $1.7 Million
2000 1 Braves INF Scott Thorman, Cambridge, Ont. Team Ontario/Canadian National Jr Team $1.125 Million
2010 1 Rangers C Kellin Deglan, Langley, BC, Langley Blaze/Canadian National Jr Team $1 Million
1997 1 Padres SS Kevin Nicholson, Surrey, BC, Stetson College, $830,000

2015 2  Yankees 2nd LHP Jeff Degano, Surrey, B.C. Indiana State $650,000 
2013 3 Mariners OF Tyler O’Neill, Maple Ridge, BC, Langley Blaze, $650,000 
2002 2 Reds INF Joey Votto, Etobicoke, Ont., Etobicoke Rangers $600,000
2007 1 Reds RHP Kyle Lotzkar Tsawwassen, BC  Langley Blaze/Canadian National Junior Team $594,000
1997 1 Orioles OF Ntema Ndungidi, Montreal, Que., Academie Baseball Canada, $500,000

2010 16 Yankees LHP Evan Rutckyj, Windsor, Ont. Windsor Selects/Detroit Jet Box $500,000
2007 1 Blue Jays RHP Trystan Magnuson, Vancouver, BC, University of Louisville $462,500
2014 4 Brewers 4th OF Demi Orimoloye, Orleans, Ont., Ottawa-Nepean Canadians/Canadian Jr. National Team
2005 3 Indians OF Nick Weglarz, Stevensville, Ont., Team Ontario/Canadian National Junior Team $435,000
2006 4 Dodgers INF Kyle Orr, Victoria B.C., Victoria Mariners $435,000

1996 2 Red Sox RHP Chris Reitsma, Calgary, Alta., Calgary Rockies $425,000
2005 3 Tigers C Chris Robinson, Dorchester, Ont., University of Illinois $422,500
2015 5 Cubs LHP Ryan Kellogg, Arizona State $376,700
1997 1 White Sox RHP Aaron Myette, Surrey, BC, Central Arizona Community College $375,000
2001 3 Braves OF Adam Stern, London, Ont., University of Nebraska $348,000

2007 3 Rockies C Lars Davis, Grande Prairie, Alta., University of Illinois $337,000
2011 4 Blue Jays RHP Tom Robson, Ladner, BC, Langley Blaze, $325,000 
2009 6 Phillies RHP Steven Inch, Edmonton, Alta. Vauxhall Academy/Canadian National Junior Team $300,000
2004 7 Reds LHP Philippe-Alexandre Valiquette, St. Laurent, Que. Academie Baseball Canada/Canadian National Junior Team $300,000
2002 20 Padres C George Kottaras, Markham, Ont., Connors State College $300,000

1994 32 Mariners LHP Jordan Zimmerman, Carsland, Alta., Blinn Jr. College $300,000
1999 3 Twins C Justin Morneau, New Westminister, BC, North Delta Blue Jays $295,000
2013 5 Orioles LHP Travis Seabrooke North Monaghan, Ont. Ontario Terriers $291,800 
2013 10 Cardinals SS Malik Collymore, Mississauga, Ont. Ontario Blue Jays, $275,000 
2010 3 Blue Jays OF  Marcus Knecht, North York, Ont., Connors State College $250,000

2014 6 Astros, RHP Brock Dykxhoorn, Goderich, Ont., Central Arizona College $250,000 US
2004 16 Brewers RHP Alexandre Periard, St-Eustache, Que. Academie Baseball Canada/Canadian National Junior Team $243,000
2003 4 Braves 3B Jamie Romak, London, Ont., London Badgers $240,000
2004 11 Mariners OF Mike Saunders, Victoria, BC, Victoria Mariners/allahassee College $237,500
2010 4 Padres INF Chris Bisson Orleans, Ont. University of Kentucky $234,000

2007 4 Royals RHP Mitch Hodge Vancouver, BC, White Rock Titons/Canadian National Junior Team $225,000
1995 3 Rangers RHP Ryan Dempster, Gibsons, BC $200,000
2004 5 Rangers C Mike Nickeas, Vancouver, BC, Georgia Tech University $200,000
2007 6 Reds RHP Evan Hildebrandt, Abbotsford, BC, Abbotsford Cardinals/Canadian National Junior Team $200,000
2007 16 Mariners RHP Colin Buckborough, Niagara Falls, Ont., Bullett Proof Prospects/Canadian National Junior Team $200,000

2001 5 Brewers RHP Judd Richardson, Caledon, Ont., U of Miami Ohio $185,000
1996 3 Blue Jays RHP Yan Lachapelle, Gatineau, Que., Academie du Baseball Canada $185,000
1993 2 Brewers SS Danny Klassen, Leamington, Ont., John Carroll HS, Port St. Lucie, Fla. $180,000
2010 7 Brewers RHP Joel Pierce, Windsor, Ont. $175,000
2001 5 Mariners 2B John Cole, Kanata, Ont., University of Nebraska $170,000

2003 5 Yankees RHP Cory Stuart, White Rock, BC, University of British Columbia $170,000
2001 5 Dodgers RHP Steve Nelson, Cole Harbour, N.S., Dartmouth Mooseheads $165,000
2005 7 Marlins RHP Chris Leroux, Mississauaga, Ont., Winthrop University $152,000
1997 2 Indians RHP Robbie Vael, Surrey, B.C., Eastern Utah $150,000
2011 8 Brewers C Dustin Houle, Langley, BC, Langley Blaze//Canadian National Junior Team $150,000 

2011 11 Reds RHP Vaughn Covington, Vancouver, BC, Vancouver Cannons/Canadian National Junior Team $150,000
2010 10 Astros LHP Evan Grills  Whitby, Ont., Ontario Blue Jays/Canadian National Junior Team $150,000
2009 15 Dodgers 3B Jeff Hunt, Cambridge, Ont., Intercounty Terriers/Canadian National Junior Team $150,000
2008 16 Jays OF Mike Crouse, Port Moody, B.C. North Shore Twins/Canadian National Junior Team $150,000
2010 16 Jays OF Dalton Pompey, Mississauga, Ont., Oakville Royals/Canadian National Junior Team $150,000

2010 32 Rangers RHP Steve McKinnon  Duncan, BC, Nanaimo Pirates/Canadian National Junior Team $150,000
2009 5 Cubs SS Wes Darvill, Langley, B.C. Langley Blaze/Canadian National Junior Team $144,200
2012 7 Brewers LHP David Otterman, Vancouver, BC, UBC $141,700 
2008 11 Rays RHP Brad Furdal  Ancaster, Ont., Inter County Terriers/Canadian Junior Team $140,000
1995 24 Blue Jays LHP Mark Curtis, St. Albert, Alta., Penscaola Jr. College $135,000

2008 16 Reds OF Carter Morrison, Langley, BC, Langley Blaze/Canadian National Junior Team $132,000
2006 7 Twins 1B Jonathan Walterbury, Whitby, Ont., Ontario Blue Jays $128,500
2009 8 Brewers OF Chad Stang, Surrey, B.C. Midland College  $125,000
2003 48 Mets SS Jonathan Malo, St-Roch-de-l’Achigan, Que., Northeastern Oklahoma A&M $125,000
2001 6 Blue Jays SS Lee Delfino, Pickering Ont., East Carolina University $122,500

2006 7 Blue Jays OF Jonathan Baksh, Mississauga Ont., Florida Tech University $122,500
2007 6 Mets RHP Guillaume Leduc, Boucherville, Que., Academie Baseball Canada $120,000
2003 40 Twins RHP Adam Hawes, Victoria Harbour, Ont., Connors State Jr. College $118,000
1993 2 Expos RHP Martin Mainville, Montreal, Que., Academie Baseball Canada $115,000
2000 6 Expos RHP Shawn Hill, Georgetown, Ont., Team Ontario $115,000

2011 15 Cubs C Justin Marra, Toronto, Ont. Ontario Blue Jays $110,000 
2004 7 Brewers RHP Craig Langille, Bedford, NS, Dartmouth Juniors $107,000
2003 4 Giants RHP Brooks McNiven, Vernon, BC, University of British Columbia $105,000
2012 6 Pirates 3B Pirates Eric Wood, Pickering, Ont. Blinn College $100,000 
2010 10 Blue Jays C Owen Spiwak, Mississauga, Ont. Odessa College $100,000

2013 13 Mariners 3B Lachlan Fontaine, North Vancouver, BC North Shore Twins $100,000 
2012 15 Yankees RHP Dayton Dawe, London, Ont., Ontario Terriers $100,000 
2008 16 Brewers RHP Stosh Wawrzasek, Langley, BC, Langley Blaze/Candian National Junior Team $100,000
2011 26 Blue Jays SS Justin Atkinson, North Surrey BC, Langley Blaze/Canadian National Junior Team $100,000
2012 26 Blue Jays RHP Nathan DeSouza, Milton, Ont. Ontario Blue Jays//Canadian National Junior Team $100,000

2010 34 Reds SS Brandon Dailey, Brantford, Ont., Ontario Terriers/Canadian National Junior Team $100,000
2007 35 Pirates RHP Tom Boleska, Burlington, Ont., High Point University $100,000






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