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By Bob Elliott

This was the question asked to long time scouts on both sides of the border

Who is our list looking?
1. Josh Naylor

2. Mike Soroka

3. Demi Orimoloye

4. Jeff Degano 

Some of their answers:

1. “You can put Miles Gordon in your top 5.”

2. “I like Ryan Kellogg better than Degano if we are talking college left-handers.”

3. “Like the list. Soroka may fall due to sign ability. Gordon may go earlier than most think. Everyone on Naylor, saw Cubs all over Demi.”

4. “Could you please research how many Canadian high school pitchers have been drafted, signed and make the majors for me please?” Obviously a team interested in Soroka.

5. “Think Degano could go higher and Toronto likes Florida SS Richie Martin.”

6. “I believe Miles Gordon will pop up somewhere on that list.”

7. “Your list looking good. Hearing Naylor back half of first, Soroka in the compensation round (maybe to the Blue Jays), and Demi O early second round. Have not heard about much on Degano.”

8. “Like your order.”

9. “Your list looks correct. I haven’t heard any teams on any of those players specifically, but it’s early -) -).”

10. “The list is looks good except I know little about the Indiana State guy, not my area. Heard Red Sox and Marlins on Naylor.”

11. “Your missing a guy who could be in the top five -- Miles Gordon. I have heard his name discussed a lot. He might go ahead of Demi.”

12. “Looks good ... only thing I heard is that the Red Sox are very high on Naylor and Soroka is moving UP draft board. Demi is an enigma.”

13. “I checked with our Canadian crosschecker. He agrees with your list. He did say that someone could pull a surprise and pop Demi before the others if they saw him on a good day. I haven’t heard of any specific team on the four players. I’d watch teams like the Astros, Pirates, Red Sox, and Rays with Demi. They seem to like the “toolsy’ player. Teams like the Cards, Mets, Mariners, A’s could be teams on Naylor. It’s tough to say for sure, though.”

14. “Wouldn’t be surprised if Soroka went over Naylor but I have Naylor higher and think it’s about 70/30. Don’t be surprise how high Gordon gets drafted and Kellogg won’t be far behind those guys.”

15. “I saw where Baseball America had the draft area and the class rated as ‘One for the Books.’ Greg Hamilton has done a good job getting players ready for the draft.”

16. "Half dozen teams on Naylor, may not get past Dodgers at 24. Demi O sliding some due to poor spring performance."

17. "I don't think the Naylor gets by the Phillies at 10th."


Past top Canadians drafted thru the years

Top Canadians drafted each year …
Year  Round  Team  Position  Name   Home Town   School/Team
2014 2nd Mariners OF Gareth Morgan, North York, Ont., Ontario Blue Jays/Canadian Jr. National Team
2013 2nd Cubs LHP Rob Zastryzny, Edmonton, Alta., University of Missouri
2012 6th Pirates 3B Eric Wood, Pickering, Ont., Blinn College
2011 4th Blue Jays RHP Tom Robson, Ladner, BC, Langley Blaze
2010 1st Pirates RHP Jameson Taillon, The Woodlands, Tx., The Woodlands HS

2009 1A Blue Jays LHP James Paxton Ladner, B.C. University of Kentucky
2008 1st Brewers C-3B Brett Lawrie Langley, B.C. Langley Blaze/Canadian National Junior Team
2007 1st Mariners RHP Phillippe Aumont Gatineau, Que. Academie Baseball Canada/Canadian National Junior Team
2006 4th Dodgers  INF  Kyle Orr  Victoria, B.C.  Victoria Mariners/Canadian National Junior Team
2005 3rd Tigers  C  Chris Robinson  Dorchester, Ont.  University of Illinois

2004 5th Rangers  C  Mike Nickeas  Vancouver, B.C.  Georgia Tech University
2003 4th Giants  RHP  Brooks McNiven  Vernon, B.C.  University of British Columbia
2002 1st Orioles  LHP Adam Loewen Surrey, B.C. Whalley Chiefs/Canadian National Junior Team
2001 3rd Braves  OF  Adam Stern  Port Stanley, Ont.  University of Nebraska
2000 1st Braves  INF Scott Thorman  Cambridge, Ont.  Team Ontario/Canadian National Junior Team

1999 3rd Twins  C  Justin Morneau  New Westminster, B.C.  North Delta Blue Jays
1998 5th Blue Jays  SS  Lee Delfino  Pickering, Ont.  Team Ontario
1997 1st Padres  SS  Kevin Nicholson  Surrey, B.C. Stetson University
1996 1A Red Sox  RHP  Chris Reitsma  Calgary, Alta.  Calgary Blues

1995 3rd Rangers  RHP  Ryan Dempster  Gibsons, B.C.  North Shore Twins
1994 6th Angels  RHP  Jason Dickson  Chatham, N.B.  Northeastern Oklahoma A&M Jr. College
1993 2nd Expos  RHP  Martin Mainville  Montreal, Que.  Academie Baseball Canada
1992 7th Royals  RHP  Justin Adam  Windsor, Ont. Windsor Selects
1991 11th Yankees  3B  Jason Wuersch  Leamington, Ont. Windsor Selects

(1A denotes sandwich pick)
From 1985-90 … the only Canadians eligible for the draft were those attending university or college, south of the border. Canadian high schoolers were considered free agents and could be signed on a first-come, first-serve basis.

1990  20th  Tigers  INF  Warren Sawkiw  Etiobicoke, Ont.  Wake Forest University
1989  6th  Red Sox  RHP  Paul Quantrill  Port Hope, Ont.  University of Wisconsin
1988  1st  Expos  RHP  Dave Wainhouse  Toronto, Ont.   Washington State University
1987  10th  A’s  LHP  Kevin MacLeod  Sydney, N.S.  Pasco-Hernando Community College
1986  13th  Yankees  RHP  Gary Blouin  Surrey, BC  University of Washington
1985  4th  Cubs  LHP  Steve Wilson  Victoria, BC  University of Portland

Prior to the 1985 draft … all Canadians were considered free agents and could sign with the team showing the most interest.

Baseball America 
2015 Area Draft Report: Canada
By Hudson Belinsky

*****    One for the books

Canada has developed into a strong area for prep talent, both for the Major League draft and for Division 1 talent. The competitive nature of travel programs and the Canadian Junior National Team allows evaluators to see plenty of top prospects against high-quality competition. The Canadians have become a must-watch demographic, with excellent opportunities for scouts to do so be it at the rising Tournament 12 or during club teams’ travels during spring training.

Rating compares this year’s group to what a state typically produces, not to other states
This year’s talent is headlined by position players Demi Orimoloye and Josh Naylor, who have been famous for several years. Righthander Mike Soroka also has middle-of-the-rotation potential, giving this year’s Canadian crop extreme upside. Beyond the big three, there’s a group of athletic outfielders and projectable pitchers.

1. Demi Orimoloye, of, St. Matthew HS, Orleans, Ontario, Canada (National rank: 41)
2. Josh Naylor, 1b, St. Joan of Arc Catholic SS, Mississauga, Ont., Canada (National rank: 61)
3. Mike Soroka, rhp, Bishop Carroll HS, Calgary, Alberta (National rank: 90)
4. Miles Gordon, of, St. Ignatius of Loyola HS, Oakville, Ontario, Canada (National rank: 187)
5. Tristan Pompey, of, Jean Vanier Catholic School (National rank: 238)
6. JF Garon, of, College Laval (National rank: 301)
7. Darren Shred, c, St. Roch Catholic (National rank: 329)
8. JD Williams, ss/of, David Suzuki HS (National rank: 401)

9. Isaac Anesty, lhp, Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic SS, Guelph, Ont.
10. RJ Freure, rhp, Robert Bateman HS, Burlington, Ont.
11. Kristjan Sorrie, rhp, Langley (B.C.) SS
12. Alex Webb, rhp, University of British Columbia
13. Austin Shields, rhp, St. Mary’s Catholic SS, Hamilton, Ont.
14. Matt Ianni, rhp, Ottawa (No school)


Sitting down the third base line at NBT Bank Stadium in Syracuse at the East Coast Pro Showcase last August I listened as three scouting directors discussed who could be No. 1 in 2015:

Outfielder Daz Cameron, right-hander Mike Nikorak or outfielder Kyle Tucker.

“And then there’s this guy at short,” nodded another wise man. 

Just then the shortstop went onto the grass to back hand a ball and throw a strike to first for the third out of the inning. I waited patiently to ask his name and saw he was leading off the next inning.

“You know a right-handed high school hitter has never pulled a ball out of this park all the years this showcase has been here,” said another scout.

Two pitches later the ball cleared the left field wall.

His name was Brendan Rodgers of Longwood, Fla. and he was expected by many to be one of first high schooler to go in the draft.

Blue Jays: Scouting director Brian Parker and general manager Alex Anthopoulos will make the call on the Jays first pick (29th over-all, in the second round) from the Level 300 at the Rogers Centre, but they'll call vice-president Jay Stenhouse at MLB Network Studios in Secacus, N.J. with the player. Then, former all-star Vernon Wells will make the call. Wells is pinch hitting for legendary Blue Jays scout Mel Didier. 

Slot value for the Jays first pick is $1,944,800 US.

A year ago tonight there were 74 picks on the opening night of the draft and Gareth Morgan (North York, Ont.) went with the final pick of the first day, 74th over-all to Seattle Mariners from the Ontario Blue Jays and the Canadian Junior National Team.

Tonight there are 75 picks. 

Jays picks over the years ...Since Tom Goffena was drafted in the first round by the Toronto Blue Jays in 1977, the franchise has selected 1,754 additional players in the June draft. 
They’ll replenish the farm system again over the next three days.
The Jays have picked early and late.
They were as high as second over-all in North America three times in choosing Lloyd Moseby (1978, 1,588 games in the majors), Garry Harris (1980, four seasons, making double-A Knoxville) and Augie Schmidt (1982, five seasons, reaching triple-A Syracuse).
They picked low outfielder Bert Emanuel in the 75th round (1,478th over-all) in 1989 and Peterborough’s Dave Steffler from Winthrop University in the 67th round in 1997 (1,572nd over-all).
They have never ever picked 29th over-all.
The best Jays picks ever ... for each round?
We’re not going by favorites rather we’re using Baseball-Reference’s Wins Above Replacement (WAR) numbers which takes a player’s  contributions to his team and how the numbers would compare to a minor leaguer had playing in his place. 

First round selections _ 1995 RHP Roy Halladay (64.7), 1993 RHP Chris Carpenter (34.5), 1991 OF Shawn Green (34.5), 1997 Vernon Wells (28.5), 1999. OF Alex Rios (28.4), 2008 LHP Brett Cecil (5.8), 2010 RHP Aaron Sanchez (2.2).
Second _ 1982 LHP David Wells (53.6), 1987 OF Derek Bell (13.0), 1992 RP Tim Crabtree (4.4).
Third _ 1989 1B John Olerud (58.0), 1982 LHP Jimmy Key (49.6), 2003 RHP Shaun Marcum (12.9).
Fourth _ 2004 RHP Casey Janssen (8.2), 1986 RHP Xavier Hernandez (2.6), 2B Ryan Goins (2.0).
Fifth _ 1978 RHP Dave Stieb (57.2), 1986 RHP Pat Hentgen (32.7), 1997 Michael Young (24.4).

Sixth _ 1982 C Pat Borders (3.7), 1984 3B Scott Livingstone (2.4), 1985 Jeff Musselman (0.8).
Seventh _ 1996 3B Casey Blake (24.9), 1986 Cris Carpenter (2.5).
Eighth _ 1988 RHP Tim Pugh (0.4).
Ninth _ 1977 OF Jesse Barfield (39.3), 1983 OF Glenallen Hill (9.7), 1989 OF Jeffrey Hammonds (8.6), 2009 LHP Aaron Loup (3.0).    
10th _ 1995 2B Ryan Freel (8.8), 2009 C Yan Gomes (7.9), 1996 Josh Phelps (3.2).

11th _ 1986 RHP Willie Blair (2.5), 1982 LHP Ed Vosberg (2.0).    
12th _ 1992 1B Doug Mientkiewicz (11.9), 2000 RHP Vinnie Chulk (1.4).    
13th _ 1995 LHP Ted Lilly (27.0), 1991 SS Alex Gonzalez (11.), 1987 OF Ryan Thompson (3.5).
14th _ 1999 RHP Brandon Lyon (6.5) 1998 1B Jay Gibbons (5.6), 1982 OF Ron Jones (1.6).
15th _ 1985 RHP Rich DeLucia (3.0), 2009 RHP Drew Hutchison (1.6), 1994 RHP Gary Glover (1.3).

16th _ 2010 OF Dalton Pompey (0.4), 1986 RHP Jimmy Rogers (0.1).
17th _ 1999 OF Reed Johnson (11.6), 1979 RHP Jeff Robinson (1.3)     
18th _ 2003 3B Ryan Roberts (5.8), 2009 RHP Daniel Webb (1.3), 1987 RHP Dave Haas (0.0)    
19th _ 1998 RP Bob File (1.5), 1987 LHP Bob Macdonald (1.3)
20th _ 1989 INF Jeff Kent (55.2), 1997 LHP Mark Hendrickson (4.5), 1991 RP Ben Weber (3.1). 

21st-30th _ 1988 28th RHP Woody Williams (30.9), 1982 27th RHP Mike Henneman (13.2), 1991 25th RHP Ryan Franklin (11.8).     
30th-40th _ 2011 32nd Kevin Pillar (2.5), 1996 33rd 2B Orlando Hudson (30.9), 1985 36th Jim Abbott (19.9).
41st-75th _ 1988 44th RHP Scott Erickson (25.1), 1997 52nd Chad Qualls (6.4), 1997 46th Brad Hawpe (4.3).

Top 10 Jays drafts ever
1. 1st, 1995 RHP Roy Halladay (64.7).
2. 3rd, 1989 1B John Olerud (58.0).
3. 5th, 1978 RHP Dave Stieb (57.2). 
4. 20th, 1989 INF Jeff Kent (55.2).
5. 2nd, 1982 LHP David Wells (53.6)
6. 3rd, 1982 LHP Jimmy Key (49.6).
7. 9th, 1977 OF Jesse Barfield (39.3),
8. 1st, 1993 RHP Chris Carpenter (34.5) and 1st 1991 OF Shawn Green (34.5), 
10. 5th, 1986 RHP Pat Hentgen (32.7).
11. 1st, 1997 Vernon Wells (28.5). 
12. 1st 1999. OF Alex Rios (28.4).
13. 1st 1978 OF Lloyd Moseby (27.4).
14. 13th 1995 LHP Ted Lilly (27.0),
15. 7th, 1996 INF Casey Blake (24.9).
16. 1st 1992 OF Shannon Stewart (24.8).
17. 1st 2003 INF Aaron Hill (24.6).
18. 5th 1997 INF Michael Young (24.4).

Scouting directors
Pat Gillick plus supervisors Bobby Mattick, Al LaMacchia, Bob Zuk 1977-87
Wayne Morgan (West) /Bob Engle (East) 1989-90
Engle 1991-95
Tim Wilken 1996-2000
Chris Buckley 2001-03
Jon Lalonde 2004-09
Andrew Tinnish 2010-12
Brian Parker 2013-15

Naylor to the Marlins 12th over-all ... One scout emailed to say now I have two reasons to dislike the Marlins: owner Jeffrey Loria who took the Expos out of Montreal and because they drafted Naylor ahead of our pick.

Jim Callis MLB Pipeline scouting report

12. Miami Marlins: 1B Josh Naylor, St Joan of Arc Catholic SS (Ontario)
Callis: His No. 59 ranking on the Pipeline board might make him seem like a reach, but he had as much late helium as anyone before the Draft. He put on a show with Team Canada in a tour of the Dominican Republic, facing professional pitchers. He hit five home runs in 12 games, similar to the run that Brett Lawrie went on that made him a first-round pick in 2008.

Braves take RHP Mike Soroka (Calgary, Alta.) of the PBF Redbirds 28th. Used to be the Bravos owned the Great White North under then general manager John Schuerholz, scouting director Dayton Moore and area scout Lonnie Goldberg, with the top Canucks in 2001 (3rd round, OF Adam Stern  Port Stanley, Ont.  University of Nebraska) and  2000 (1st, INF Scott Thorman  Cambridge, Ont.  Team Ontario/Canadian National Junior Team). and narrowly missing in 2003 when the San Francisco Giants took Brooks McNevin in the foutth round and four picks later the Braves chose INF Jamie Romak (London, Ont.) from the London Badgers.

28. Atlanta Braves (compensation for Ervin Santana, MIN): RHP Michael Soroka, Bishop Carroll HS (Alberta)
Callis: It’s a good night for Canadians here at the Draft. We heard that Josh Naylor had some late helium, but Soroka had a lot of helium as the Draft approached as well. The Braves are obviously not afraid of high school pitching, as they got Allard earlier and now get Soroka. That really beefs up the future rotation in Atlanta.

And the wrap ... three Canucks, Naylor highest position player ever so a historic day. 

Tuesday: top Canuck on the board OF Demi Orimoloye (Orleans, Ont.) Ottawa-Nepean Canadians ... name to watch OF Myles Gordon (Oakville, Ont.) Great Lake Canadians. 



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