Future Navy's Or soaking in the experience at T12

Future Navy's Noah Or (Richmond, BC) of the North Delta Blue Jays swings at a pitch from Quebec Blue's Vincent Beauregard (Laval, Que.).   Photo Credit:Mitch Sanderson

Future Navy's Noah Or (Richmond, BC) of the North Delta Blue Jays swings at a pitch from Quebec Blue's Vincent Beauregard (Laval, Que.). Photo Credit:Mitch Sanderson

By: Mitch Sanderson

Canadian Baseball Network

For most kids, playing baseball in a major league park against teams filled with older players  would be daunting, but for 15-year-old Noah Or it’s all about embracing the experience.

The five-foot-seven catcher is relishing the opportunity to play among some of the country’s best young players with Futures Navy in the country’s biggest ballpark and is expected to represent his native British Columbia at Tournament 12 in the future.

While most of the tournament’s attendees are looking to make an immediate impact with scouts, Or and the Futures can focus on their team’s performance and development.

“We’re here to cohere together, win as a team, and showcase what we have as players,” said Or following his team’s opening 7-1 victory over Atlantic Maroon. “At the same time, we’re trying to get together because we are from different provinces as well.”

The Richmond, BC., native is one of five players from British Columbia on this year’s Futures team. While he is the only member from his North Delta Blue Jays home club team, and regularly plays against some of his current teammates, Or is adamant that hasn’t affected the team’s chemistry.

“It’s really fun,” said Or on playing with his regular competitors. “We all get along well.”

For Or, playing with a diverse young group has been an early highlight of Tournament 12.

“I like getting to know the guys, where they come from, West coast vs. East coast sort of thing,” said Or. “Just playing with them has been a great time.”

One of Or’s teammates, Noah Naylor, is one of the big names of the week after a great season with the Ontario Blue Jays, while his brother, Josh, was the top Canadian drafted in the 2015 MLB draft.

Unfortunately for Or, Naylor also plays catcher, but the BC boy isn’t letting that dampen the spirits of his experience at Roger Centre this week.

“It’s unbelievable.” said Or following his first experience playing in front of just under 50,000 seats. “I’m very fortunate to be able to come here and showcase what I have.”

Despite all the scouts in attendance, Or isn’t making any wild assumptions or planning any drastic dreams going forward.

“Just play the game I love, take it to college and whatever happens happens.”

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