Beep! Beep! Davis runs a 6.35 60 at T12

Down the stretch they came ...

Position players from all eight teams at the third annual Tournament 12 ran their 60-yard dashes along the third base line on Monday ... scout day at the Rogers Centre.

And the winner of the Beep-Beep title as the fastest man in the building -- despite the fact Devon White and Lloyd Moseby were on hand from the Toronto Blue Academy was 

Speedy outfielder Cooper Davis (Mississauga, Ont.) of the Ontario Blue Jays, who ran 6.35.

Play begins at 8 o’clock Tuesday morn.

The sub 7.00-time run on Monday
Cooper Davis Ontario Green 6.35 seconds
Nick Howie Ontario Green 6.54
Adam Hall Ontario Green 6.59
Isaac Deveaux Quebec Blue 6.65
Luke Torino Ontario Black 6.67

Lucas Parente Ontario Black 6.7
Clayton Keyes Alberta Red 6.72
Tyler Duncan BC Orange 6.78
Adam Estey Atlantic Maroon 6.85
Ryan Humeniuk Prairies Purple 6.85

Travis Horanski Prairies Purple 6.86
Jason Willow Futures Navy 6.86
Kurt Dawkins Futures Navy 6.87
Jake Wilson Ontario Green 6.87
Nick Ankerman Alberta Red 6.88

Mike Ssemanda Futures Navy 6.89
Elliott Curtis Ontario Black 6.9
Aidan Huggins Alberta Red 6.9
Jordan Dray BC Orange 6.94
Trevor Fonseca BC Orange 6.94

Kobe Hyland Alberta Red 6.94
Andrew Leggo Ontario Green 6.96
Max Wright Ontario Green 6.97