Jays fans are singing their songs

Doug and Jennifer Pegg (Toronto, Ont.) have re-released their song All the Way Blue Jays from 2000. 

Doug and Jennifer Pegg (Toronto, Ont.) have re-released their song All the Way Blue Jays from 2000. 

By Danny Gallagher
Canadian Baseball Network

Are the Blue Jays going to go all the way? 

It’s possible.  

At least they are probably going to the playoffs. We will have to see.

In any event, Doug and Jennifer Pegg of Toronto have re-issued a song they wrote and helped produce in a professional studio back around 2000. It’s called All the Way Blue Jays. The timing is immense.

“Blue Jays are going all the way. New York ain’t nothing but hype,’’ the two-minute, 23-second song says in part. “Two World Series make it three. Blue Jays all the way. Home plate is our destiny. Toronto fans are the best in the league.’’

The song was played at the SkyDome when it was the SkyDome and the Peggs never really had any desire to market the song or make money out of it. Doug joked that maybe he could have gone to Labatt’s and had CDs inserted in 24s of Blue.

The Peggs basicially did it for fun with the help of Grammy-nominated producer Daniel Bijan. They put it on Youtube and handed it out this weekend to Sportsnet Radio and TV personalities, encouraging them to use it.
The singer is Sergio Navarretta, an Italian-Canadian, who has made a name for himself in the film business. 
He might be best known for directing Looking for Angelina, which is based on the true-life story of Angelina Napolitano.

“Sergio is now a successful film director. How cool,’’ Jennifer said.

With the 162-game regular season winding down, the Peggs knew time was of the essence so they decided to re-release the song. It will last over time because no player names are mentioned in the song.

“I’m singing in the background,’’ Doug said. “It’s totally geared for the fan. It’s amazing the hits we’re getting on the song. I sent it to Jose Bautista. He’s my favourite Jay. Hopefully, it brings luck.’’

The song is registered with SOCAN, which represents music creators and publishers all across Canada and internationally so it’s a hoot for the Peggs. Doug is the chief caretaker for the Toronto District School Board and Jennifer also works for the board as a special-needs assistant.

“Doug and I were joking the other night about our lines in the song,’’ said Jennifer, whose favourite player is Josh Donaldson. “You could tell Doug’s lines and you could tell my lines as how a girl would write them. I wrote more like a cheerleader and fan, going for the inspirational side of the song.

“It was a really fun thing to do. It was neat how the song came together. Doug, of course, knew all the teams, players and stats. He has a background in baseball as his dad coached men’s baseball teams for years.’’

Hey, all together now, “All the Way Blue Jays.’’